What’s New in BlackBerry UEM Version 12.6 Maintenance Release 1

BlackBerry UEM version 12.6 Maintenance Release 1 is an update for the BlackBerry UEM product. This release includes a number of new features that you will find useful and interesting. This post provides details about the new features for Synchronizing BlackBerry UEM and Good Control, BlackBerry Dynamics Integration, the Management console, Licensing, and iOS and Windows devices.

Synchronizing BlackBerry UEM and Good Control

Synchronizing with a Good Control server: After you install BlackBerry UEM version 12.6 MR1 in an environment that has an existing Good Control server, you must synchronize Good Control with BlackBerry UEM. When the synchronization is complete, all Good Control administration functionality, such as user, device and app management, is available in the BlackBerry UEM management console. For more information about the synchronization, refer to the Getting Started with BlackBerry UEM and BlackBerry Dynamics Guide, the BlackBerry UEM Installation and Upgrade Guide, and the BlackBerry UEM Configuration Guide.

BlackBerry Dynamics Integration

  • App Catalog in the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher: For devices that are enabled for BlackBerry Dynamics, you can add the work app catalog to the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher so that users have quick access to a list of their assigned work apps.
  • Onboarding: You can configure onboarding for users that will use only BlackBerry Dynamics apps.
  • App access keys: You can generate and send access keys to users so they can activate BlackBerry Dynamics apps.
  • PKI connector: You can set up a PKI connector that creates a connection between BlackBerry UEM and an internal CA to enroll certificates for BlackBerry Dynamics apps.
  • Gatekeeping: Gatekeeping is supported with BlackBerry Work when you manage BlackBerry Work in BlackBerry UEM.

Management console

Compliance profile: Several new rules are added to the Compliance profile for iOS, OS X, Android, and Windows devices. The new rules match the compliance policy rules available in BlackBerry Control, which allows you to re-create existing BlackBerry Control compliance policies in BlackBerry UEM.


BlackBerry Dynamics: You must have the required SIM or server license to use BlackBerry Dynamics apps.


Manage notifications for apps on supervised iOS devices: You can use per-app notification profiles to configure the notification settings for system apps and apps that you manage using BlackBerry UEM. Per-app notification profiles are supported for supervised iOS devices running iOS 9.3 or later.


New Lock down setting in VPN profiles for Windows 10 devices: For Windows 10 devices, you can enable the Lock down setting in a VPN profile so that a user must use the VPN connection that you specify to connect to a network.

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