How to copy files to, or from a BlackBerry powered by Android smartphone using Windows

Do you need to copy some files to, or from your PRIV, or DTEK50 using your Windows PC?
If so, follow the steps below so you can access your smartphone’s internal memory, and media card using a Windows PC.

Step 1 – Install the BlackBerry powered by Android smartphone USB drivers

The first thing you’ll need to do is install the necessary drivers so your smartphone can interact with your computer.

To get the drivers, click here and select BlackBerry Android USB and Tethering Drivers (Windows) followed by clicking Next, and finally Download software.

When the download is complete, disconnect your smartphone and double click on the downloaded file to install the drivers.

Note: If prompted, restart your computer before proceeding!

Step 2 – Connect your smartphone to your computer, and select File Transfer mode

When connecting to your PC there are two important things you need to know.

The first is that your smartphone must be unlocked if you have a device password set. This is a security precaution that prevents someone from taking your smartphone, connecting it to their PC and having access to your personal data.

The second is that if you are using Android 6.0 or later, aka Marshmallow on PRIV, or the DTEK50, you must enable File Transfers mode after connecting PRIV to your PC.

To do this after connecting to your PC, swipe down from the top of your smartphones display using two fingers, tap on the Connecting in charging mode notification followed by tapping File Transfer.

USB_01     USB_02

Step 3 – Copy files to, or from your smartphone

After selecting File Transfer mode, open Windows Explorer on your PC and device will be listed along the left as per the screenshot below.

If you are using PRIV, it will appear as BlackBerry STV100-X, and the DTEK50 will appear as BlackBerry STH100-X. (X representing your specific variant)

Click on your smartphone and you will be able to access your device memory, or your media card if one has been inserted.


Warning: Deleting files from your PRIV using Android File Transfer is permanent!


My computer isn’t detecting my smartphone? Why?

If PRIV isn’t being detected by your computer, try the following:

  • Restart your smartphone
  • Restart your computer
  • Use a different USB cable
  • Connect your smartphone directly to the PC, avoiding USB hubs and docking station USB ports

If the smartphone still doesn’t connect, consider trying another computer to verify the issue is specific to the computer, or the smartphone. Ultimately, call our support team so we can help you out using the details found at the top this post if you cannot get your smartphone detected.

My smartphone appears in Window Explorer but all I see is ‘This folder is empty’, why?

This will occur if the smartphone has been connected, but hasn’t been placed into File Transfer mode.

To do this, after connecting your smartphone to your computer, swipe down from the top of the display using two fingers and tap on the Connected in charging mode notification followed by tapping on File Transfer. After doing this, close and re-open Windows Explorer and you’ll be able to see your smartphones’ device memory and media card contents

I can only see ‘Internal storage’, I don’t see my media card, why?

If you are using adoptable storage this is expected since the media card is combined with the internal storage. As a result, your media card memory is combined with your internal storage, thus you only see Internal Storage.

To learn more about PRIV or the DTEK50 by BlackBerry or troubleshoot an issue, there are several great options available to help. Visit the PRIV support page, or the DTEK50 support site for access to product documentation, how-to demos, tips and tricks, YouTube videos, support forums, knowledge base articles, Twitter support, and contact information for your region.

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