BlackBerry Powered By Android: Advanced Interactions

TIPS & TRICKS / 08.31.16 / tywill1

Did you know that you can wake up your smartphones display by double tapping on the display instead of pressing the power button?

This is just one of the several interaction features that you can optionally enable on your PRIV or DTEK50 😀

Check out the rest of this post to find out how to turn this on, and learn about other available interactions.

Double Tap To Wake

Instead of hitting the power key on your smartphone to wake it up, double tap on the display instead.If you don’t have this enabled already, turn it on and try it out using the steps below; I am confident you will fall in love with this feature!

  • PRIV: Settings > Display > Turn on Tap to wake
  • DTEK50: Settings > Advanced Interactions > Turn on Double tap screen

For those using the DTEK50, you can also turn off your screen by double tapping on a blank area of your home screen (not within an app, this is specific to your home screen).

Flip To Mute

The next time someone calls and you don’t have time to chat, flip your smartphone face down.

This will cause your device to stop playing the ring tone, and/or vibrate. Best of all, doing this does not route the caller to voicemail instantly which can occur if you decline a call.

To try out this feature on your PRIV or DTEK, go to Settings > Advanced Interactions and turn on Flip to mute.


Flip To Save Power (PRIV only)

Looking for an easy way to save battery life and avoid distraction when you get to the office, or worse, arrive home for the evening?

If so, take advantage of the Flip to save power feature, which will place your smartphone into sleep mode when placed face down on a flat surface.

You’ll still receive notifications for incoming calls, messages, and alarms, but this feature will help you focus if you are like me and constantly wake your display to check notifications.

For those using the PRIV, go to Settings > Advanced Interactions and turn on Flip to save power.


Hold To Stay Awake (PRIV Only)

If you find yourself reading lengthy articles or your smartphones screen timeout is set to a low value, consider turning on the Hold to stay awake feature. Hold to stay awake will keep your display turned on while the device is in your hand.

  • Settings > Advanced Interactions > Turn on Hold to stay awake


To learn more about the PRIV or DTEK50 by BlackBerry, or to troubleshoot an issue, there are several great options available. Visit the PRIV support page, or the DTEK50 support site for access to product documentation, how-to demos, tips and tricks, YouTube videos, support forums, knowledge base articles, Twitter support, and contact information for your region.

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