Five Tip Friday – BlackBerry Hub Tips

FIVE TIP FRIDAY / 11.07.14 / tywill1

Happy Friday! Today’s topic, five BlackBerry Hub tips that can help you be more productive!

Switch messages using a gesture

One my favorite BlackBerry Hub shortcuts is the ability to switch between my next, and previous messages using a gesture so I can quickly parse my messages using one hand.

To try this out on your device, open a message and make an inverted L gesture up, or down to go your next, or previous message.


Keyboard shortcuts

If you’ve used a BlackBerry device in the past you most likely are familiar with some of these keyboard shortcuts but in case you need a refresher, here they are!

In the list of messages
Compose a message Press C
Search the BlackBerry Hub Press S
Go to the next unread message Press U
Move to the top of your message list Press T
Move to the bottom of your message list Press B
In a message
Reply to a message Press R
Reply all to a message Press L
Forward a message Press F
Flag a message Press W
File a message Press I
Go to the next message Press N
Go to the previous message Press P

Pinch to view unread messages

Introduced in BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2, Priority Hub is a great way to view messages from specific contacts, messages marked as high-priority, messages from conversations you started, or contacts with the same last name. To learn more about the Priority Hub and how you can customize open the Help app on your device, or review the user guide found at

If you don’t use this feature though you can turn it off which results in the ability to quick view your unread messages only using a pinch gesture.To try this out, complete the following steps.

  1. Switch to the BlackBerry Hub
  2. Tap BB10_ftf_hub_3dot the in the bottom right corner
  3. Tap BB10_ftf_hub_settings Settings > Priority Hub
  4. Turn Priority Hub off

After completing these steps, go back to your message list and perform a pinch gesture to quickly view your unread messages only. To go back to your complete message list, slide your fingers apart like you are zooming out.

Single messages or conversations? You decide!

Every time I set up a new device or offer tips to a friend this item is one of the first I mention because I find it helps to see the entire conversation and avoid missing a response sent earlier.

  1. In the BlackBerry hub, tap BB10_ftf_hub_3dot
  2. Tap BB10_ftf_hub_settings Settings > Display and Actions
  3. In the Display Style drop-down list, tap Conversation

Color code your accounts

If you haven’t already, color code your various accounts to get a quick and easy way to identify which service a message arrived on.

  1. Tap BB10_ftf_hub_3dot in the BlackBerry Hub, followed by BB10_ftf_hub_settings Settings
  2. Select Hub Management, and then tap an account
  3. Tap a color in the Account Color drop-down list
  4. Tap BB10_ftf_hub_back Back to save your change
  5. Repeat as needed for your other accounts


Got a question? Leave a comment and let me know!

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