Getting Started with Reply Now

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The next time you need to ignore an incoming phone call, consider responding to the caller by sending a short message using Reply Now.

When this feature is enabled, tap on the Reply Now button on the incoming call screen and select one of three possible messages you’d like to send. You also have the option of composing a custom message.

If the caller is in your BBM contact list, your message will be sent as a BBM. If the caller is not in your BBM contact list your message will be sent using SMS instead. You can customize the three default messages as well to suit your needs – find out how after the break!

How to turn on Reply Now and customize messages

  1. In the Phone app, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap ReplyNow_Settings followed by Reply Now
  3. Turn on Reply Now

While viewing this screen, you can customize the default messages that are sent when using Reply Now. To do this, tap on the message you’d like to change and when you are finished, tap to save your change(s).


How to use Reply Now


The next time you receive a call that you cannot take, and you’d like to respond with a Reply Now message, tap ReplyNow_Text or  ReplyNow_BBM. Then, select one of the three Reply Now messages or compose a new message by tapping Custom Message followed by tapping Send.


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