How to use the FM Radio on BlackBerry 10

HOW-TO / 03.24.14 / tywill1

An FM Radio option is now available if you use a BlackBerry Z30, Q10, Q5 or Z3 and you upgrade to BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1. Using this new feature, you can tune in to frequencies that broadcast FM stations.

Just connect your headphones, which operate as the radio antenna, so you can scan and tune in to your favorite stations. When you find a station you like, continue listening using your headphones, or switch to your device speaker.

FMRadio-NoHeadphones FMRadio-Scan

Note: Depending on your wireless service provider, or rules set by your administrator, the FM Radio feature might not be available on your device .

Scanning for radio stations

  1. In the Music app, tap FMRadio-Icon FM Radio
  2. Tap the Local Stations tab
  3. Tap FMRadio-3dot > Scan
  4. Tap the radio station that you want to listen to

When you start listening to an FM Radio station, audio will play through your headphones (aka headset) but you can switch playback to your device speakers instead. Keep your headphones plugged in because they act as the radio antenna, and press FMRadio-3dot followed by Audio, and then select Speaker.Repeat these steps again to switch back to your headphones.


Manually tune to a radio station

  1. In the Music app, tap FMRadio-Icon FM Radio
  2. Tap the Local Stations tab, and then tap Tune To
  3. Slide the finder to the numbers of the radio station that you want to listen to
  4. Tap Tune To

Add and remove a radio station to your favorites

For fast access, add your favorite radio stations to the Favorites screen using one of the following options:

To remove a radio station from the Favorites screen, touch and hold a station, and then tap FMRadio-Favorite or when a favorite radio station is playing, tap FMRadio-Favorite next to the station number.

To learn more about the FM Radio feature, open the Help app on your device and search for FM Radio or review the user guide, which can be found at

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