Five Tip Friday – BBM for Android and iPhone Part 2

FIVE TIP FRIDAY / 11.08.13 / tywill1

The weekend is almost here, which means it’s time for another Five Tip Friday! Today’s topic: five more BBM for Android and iPhone tips!

In case you missed it, check out last week’s post for more BBM for Android and iPhone tips.

Android – Add and resize the BBM Widget

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A new feature of BBM on Android is the BBM chat widget, which allows you to stay engaged in chats without having to open BBM. To use it, look for the BBM chat widget in the Apps page under the Widgets tab. You can resize the widget by tapping and holding it on your home screen and then adjusting the size with the resize bars.


Finding friends using BBM

A great way to find friends to chat with on BBM is to browse and log in to your social networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

After logging in to your various accounts, you can quickly identify which of your friends are using BBM by looking for a PIN below their picture. To connect with someone who has listed their pin, open BBM on your device and use the Invite by PIN option.

If you don’t see a PIN for a contact that you’d like to invite to BBM, click on their name and enter your PIN to send them an invitation encouraging them to download BBM. Even if you don’t see anyone you would like to invite, make sure that you add your PIN so others can find and connect with you.

Note: To find your PIN, open BBM and tap on your display name or picture.

Enable Chat History

By default, using the End Chat option will close a chat and delete the conversation history. You can turn on the Save Chat History feature if you want to save the contents of your BBM chat. Doing so will allow you to view your previously sent and received messages with a BBM contact, even after you have ended a chat with them.

  1. Open BBM and tap BBM-PIN-3Dot followed by Settings
  2. Set the Save Chat History switch to On

Personalize your BBM invitations

I don’t know about you, but I’ve received quite a few invitations since BBM for Android and iPhone has launched. A small thing that I’ve noticed goes a long way is a personalized BBM invitation. Whether it’s adding a small note or introducing yourself, adding more substance to your BBM invitations is a great way to make sure the recipient doesn’t overlook your invitation.


Sharing your PIN & Barcode

Unlike other instant messaging apps, which use your phone number or email address as your identifier, BBM uses a PIN (personal identification number) so that you are always in control of who can contact you. This means you can share your PIN while maintaining your privacy. Best of all, unless you accept an invitation from someone, they are not able to send you messages, or view your BBM profile details. To view your PIN so that you can share it with others, open BBM and tap on your BBM picture or name along the top. You can view your PIN in this screen and use the Copy PIN option to share it quickly with others.

You’ll also notice one of my favorite options, which is Show Barcode. Simply put, your barcode is generated based on your PIN and allows other BBM users to scan it and send you an invitation to chat. To save an image of your barcode, tap Show Barcode and take a screenshot of your device. You can crop this image using your favorite photo editing app and then put this barcode wherever you want! For example, I added mine to my Facebook page so my friends can quickly scan it using their device and connect with me over BBM.

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