How To Mark Prior Read or Delete Prior using a BlackBerry Q10 smartphone

HOW-TO / 05.09.13 / tywill1


Here’s a quick overview of how to mark prior messages as read, delete prior messages and jump to the top and bottom of your message list while using a BlackBerry Q10 smartphone.

Note: Depending on how your email account is set up, messages that are removed from your smartphone as a result of using the Delete Prior option will also be removed from your mailbox.

Step One – While viewing the Hub, tap and hold on a date banner and a menu will appear on the right.

2-ARROW   2-B

Step Two – Select your desired option, or tap and drag the area indicated by the green arrow to expand this menu as per the second screenshot.

3-ARROW   4

If you expand the menu you’ll also notice shortcut keys appear next to the following options:

  • Next – N (You can also use P for Previous)
  • To Top – T
  • To Bottom B
  • Delete Prior – Del

Don’t forget to take advantage of the context menu in the bottom left corner in case you’d like to manage a specific account as well! Combined with shortcuts, these features can really help you manage a lot of messages quickly. To learn more about your device as well more shortcuts, make sure you check out the Help app as well!

Do you have a question about managing messages? Leave a comment and let me know!

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