Five Tip Friday – BlackBerry 10 Camera Tips

FIVE TIP FRIDAY / 04.26.13 / tywill1


Happy Friday #TeamBlackBerry!

On deck this week, five tips for the BlackBerry 10 camera, such as how to geotag photos and how to access your photos and more from a DLNA compatible device.

1 – Use different Shooting and Scene Modes

The BlackBerry Z10 has lots of options to help you capture the perfect picture depending on your situation, so after opening the camera make sure you review the various options available to you.

For example, in addition to the Normal shooting mode, you also have the option of using a Stabilization or Burst shooting mode. Stabilization is great if you’re like me and can’t keep still when taking pictures. Burst on the other hand is a great way to capture the perfect action shot, such as your dog catching a tennis ball or jumping into the family pool (ed – make sure you are out of the splash zone!). On top of Shooting Mode options, you also have several Scene Modes available to you such as Action, Whiteboard, Night and Beach or Snow.

To access these options tap the icon with three dots that appears in the bottom right corner and customize the settings to your desired preferences.

2 – Move the Focus Box

Whenever you are using the camera you’ll notice a box appears in the middle of your screen. This is the focus box and you have the ability to drag it so it centers on the item you want to be in the sharpest focus.

3 – Fast Preview

Need to review a photo you just took to make sure it’s perfect? Instead of tapping on the previous picture thumbnail that appears in the bottom left corner, touch and hold the thumbnail followed by moving your thumb up or to the right. When you do this you’ll notice that the thumbnail expands, allowing you to verify if the picture is perfect or if you need to snap another one.

When finished, remove your thumb and the image will shrink to the bottom left corner again as a thumbnail.

4 – Copy pictures to your PC or Mac using BlackBerry Link

The easiest way to access, sync, share and organize all your photos, music, videos and other files over Wi-Fi or USB is BlackBerry Link. If you haven’t installed this software yet I highly recommend doing so because it makes working with media files easy. You can also use BlackBerry Link to backup your smartphone, which is something I recommend doing once a month at a minimum.

As mentioned earlier, you also have the ability to copy files to and from your smartphone using a Wi-Fi connection, which makes accessing and managing your media really easy. To learn more about this feature, click on one of the following links.

5 – Put in on the big screen using Media Sharing

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

You can wirelessly share media files from your BlackBerry device with supported DLNA compatible devices, such as computers, TVs, or other home entertainment equipment using the Media Sharing feature that’s built into your smartphone. Here’s a quick overview of how to enable Media Sharing options for pictures, as well as how to specify which DLNA compatible devices can access your shared media files.

  1. Tap Settings followed by Media Sharing
  2. Set the Share Pictures switch to On
  3. Tap Devices and select the checkbox next to each device that you would like to give access to your media files.
    • To stop sharing media files with a specific device, clear the checkbox beside the device name
  4. Tap Back when finished to save your changes

After completing these steps, you can access pictures stored on your smartphone provided you’ve granted access to the DLNA compatible device you are using.

Bonus! Geotag pictures

When taking pictures you have the option to geotag the picture with your current location. For example, I used this feature the last time I was at the family cottage and now I am able to see where I was on each lake whenever I took a picture.

  1. In the Camera app, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Tap Settings and set Geotag Pictures to On

Tip: Need software that supports geotagged pictures? Check out Windows Photo Gallery if you use Microsoft Windows, or iPhoto if you are using a Mac.

To learn about a feature on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone or troubleshoot an issue, there are several great options available to help. Visit for access to product manuals, how-to demos, tips and tricks, YouTube videos, support forums, knowledge base articles, Twitter support, and contact information for your region.

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