#My1stBlackBerry Twitter Chat Recap

COMMUNITY / 11.06.12 / boreev1

I love connecting with other #TeamBlackBerry folks daily on the BlackBerry® Support Community as the Community Manager. I’m very fortunate to have a position that keeps my fingers on the pulse of #TeamBlackBerry with the device that keeps us all connected to what we love: a BlackBerry® smartphone.

Last Thursday we all got together for the #My1stBlackBerry chat on Twitter® and it was awesome! It was a great opportunity to chat with all of you on a personal level and hear about the experiences we all share through our mutual love of our BlackBerry devices. If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before, you can learn more in our Get Ready – Upcoming #My1stBlackBerry Twitter chat post.

It was amazing to hear from long time users about their original BlackBerry® 950 devices – one of our first mobile email devices – as well as from newcomers to #TeamBlackBerry with their first BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet and BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 smartphone.You may have seen that my first smartphone was the groundbreaking BlackBerry® 7290 smartphone with a color screen that I first started using in 2006. That’s when I started connecting to everything I love.

Thanks to everyone who jumped in to share their experiences and help others make the best of their BlackBerry devices! I have been working the @BlackBerryHelp team back when there were less than 10,000 followers and what a fantastic ride it has been. You can read a bit more about the team in this interview with Michele and Brian from the @BlackBerryHelp Team.

There were some great comments and fun chat had by everyone! Here are just a few:

Didn’t get to share your #My1stBlackBerry story with us? Leave it for us in the comments!

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