Five Tip Friday – Using your BlackBerry smartphone through the holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, let’s take a look at a few ways your BlackBerry® smartphone can help you through what can be a very busy time of year.

1. Password Keeper

If you’re like me and other people in your household use your smartphone, consider using the Password Keeper app to hide your holiday shopping list from curious eyes. Create a new entry in the app and keep your list in the notes section.

If you are not familiar with the Password Keeper app, you can learn more about it by reading our blog post How to set up and use BlackBerry Password Keeper.

2. BlackBerry Traffic

BlackBerry® Traffic™ helps you get from one place to another by providing routes based on recent traffic information. Did you know it also can help you determine when the best time to leave is? After specifying a destination, click a route’s estimated arrival time (circled in red below) to display a list of future traffic estimates.


3. BBM Groups

BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) Groups are a great way to organize events for the holidays. You can add dates to the group calendar, discuss menu items for a party using group chat, and share pictures with everyone in the group.

For a full list of BBM Group features and/or help getting started, check out our guide How to Administer BlackBerry Messenger Groups and follow up with BlackBerry Messenger Groups: Share pictures, lists and chat with several friends at once.

4. The Camera app

Before the holidays start, make sure your smartphone’s camera is set up and ready to go by ensuring your flash, Camera Scene Mode and GeoTag options are pre-set.

  • Flash Settings – To change the flash setting, select the flash icon which is circled in red below.
  • Camera Scene Mode – Select the Camera Scene Mode icon, circled in green below. A listing of modes with descriptions is listed. Simply select the mode you want to enable it.
  • GeoTag – Circled in yellow below, this setting allows the camera to record geographical information of the location in which you take a photo. Select whether you want it on or off.


5. QR codes

While searching for the perfect gift, keep an eye out for QR codes which can be found in advertising, products and many other places. QR codes are often used to promote sales, offer coupons and provide information on products and services.

To scan a QR code with your device, first download a QR code scanner from the BlackBerry App World™ storefront – simply open BlackBerry App World, search for “QR Code scanner” and install one of the availible QR code scanner apps. Once installed, open the app and follow the prompts to scan a QR code.

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