How to turn BlackBerry device wireless connections on and off

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If you’ve flown on a commercial airline, then you’ve most likely heard the flight attendant ask everyone to turn off electronic devices during takeoff and landings. Today I’d like to provide a quick overview of how to turn on and off your wireless connections on your BlackBerry® smartphone and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet so you can shut off wireless connections when requested.

This is also useful when you want to save battery life and find you are no longer using a specific connection. For example, if you aren’t connected to a Wi-Fi® network at the moment and don’t plan on being connected to one for a while, consider turning off that your Wi-Fi connection to save battery life.

Before we begin something, to keep in mind is that not all BlackBerry smartphones have the same wireless connections available. If you are unsure what type of wireless connections your device has, I recommend checking out the BlackBerry Getting Started Guide for your device.

BlackBerry® 6 & BlackBerry® 7 OS

From the Home screen, select the connections area at the top of the screen (the red box in the first screenshot below) or select the Manage Connections icon. This is the location from which you enable and disable your wireless connections. The box to the right of a connection must have a check mark to be enabled. Uncheck the box to disable a connection or select “All Off”.


BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 and below

To enable and disable wireless connections, from the Home screen or from within a folder, select the “Manage Connections” icon to view your wireless connections. To turn on a connection, check the box to the right or uncheck it to turn off a connection. You can optionally use the setting “All Connections Off” to quickly turn off your wireless connections.

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

You have two options on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet: Airplane mode, which will shut off both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® together, or you can disable each one independently.

Airplane Mode: From the Home screen, tap the “Settings” (Gear) icon that appears in the top right corner and then tap “Airplane Mode”. Toggle Airplane mode “On” or “Off”.

Wi-Fi: From the Home screen, tap the “Settings” (Gear) icon that appears in the top right corner and tap “Wi-Fi”. Toggle Wi-Fi “On” or “Off”.

Bluetooth: From the Home screen, tap the “Settings” (Gear) icon that appears in the top right corner and tap “Bluetooth”. Toggle Airplane mode “On” or “Off”.

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