BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Getting Started with BlackBerry App World, Part 1

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How to find the Apps and Games you want in the BlackBerry® App World™ Storefront on a BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet

There are moments where I just want to shout from the rooftops, “I love my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet!” It’s my daily newspaper, my media player, my e-reader, my digital picture frame, my day organizer, my favorite gaming platform…OK, you get the picture. I use it for everything because well, it does everything, and it has some serious multitasking power to boot so I can switch back and forth seamlessly between apps without delay.

I couldn’t do all the things listed above (and much more) without the individual apps that perform these tasks, and BlackBerry App World is the source for these apps. Today I’m going to give you an overview of how to view, search and browse for apps or games so you can get the most out your tablet. Check back next week on the Inside BlackBerry Help Blog for part 2 which will cover the “My World” section of the BlackBerry App World storefront.

Ready to find your apps? Let’s get downloading!

Launching BlackBerry App World

Tap the “App World” Icon from your Home screen or from within a folder

Launching the app brings you to the Featured page which displays recommended apps, apps on sale, and collections of similar apps. (Curious about the red splat above the “My World” option? I’ll be covering that in part 2 next week.)

This is a great place to get started if you have just bought a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, so just tap an app that looks interesting to you to find out more about it. I’ll be explaining the elements of an app presentation page later in the post.

Searching within BlackBerry App World

If you are looking for something specific, tap the “Search” box. The keyboard will appear and you can then enter a keyword such as “news”. Tap the return key and all the apps tagged with that term will be displayed.

Browse by Category

After tapping “Games” or “Apps” you will have new options along the bottom of the screen, the first option being “Categories”. The other options are pretty self explanatory; “New Arrivals” is another one of my favorite places to browse, but for now tap “Categories”, which is circled in red below.

Tapping “Categories” brings you to the – you guessed it – “Categories” page. Depending on whether you tapped “Games” or “Apps” previously, you will have different options.

Game Categories

App Categories

Something to keep in mind is that some of the categories under apps also have sub categories within; there are just that many apps available to you!

Installing Apps and Learning More

An apps presentation page is where you will get your first impression of the app. I usually start by reading the developer’s description, viewing screenshots, and reading reviews left by other BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users.

1. Download – When ready to install, tap this button. This button might also say “Purchase” if there is a cost or “Reinstall” if the app had been previously installed and removed.
Note: If the button says “Purchase” install of “Install”, the cost of the app will be located to the right of the button. After purchasing an app or game, it will be installed automatically.
2. Information – Here you will find the full name of the app, the developer (in this case Research In Motion® Limited) and the version of the app.
3. Content Setting – This is the rating provided by the content filtering system in BlackBerry App World — tap the icon to find a description of the rating. For more information on the content rating system, check out this Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog post on how new BlackBerry App World content ratings improve discovery and safety.
4. Support – If you are experiencing difficulties with the app, tap this and get the support information for the app or game you are currently viewing.
5. App Description – A description of the features and functionality from the app’s developer.
6. Rating and Reviews – Check out reviews written by other users and see the average user rating.
7. Screenshots – Swipe left or right to view screenshots provided by the app or game’s developer.

You should now have a good idea of how to view, search and browse for apps or games in BlackBerry App World on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. In the next part of this two-part series, I’ll be explaining the “My World” portion of the storefront, which covers setting up payment methods, updating installed apps and content settings, among other things.

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