How to use Flags in BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

HOW-TO / 07.30.12 / tywill1

A few years ago my colleague Douglas posted a Global BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) Flag List that provided a listing of over 200 flags that you can specify in your BBM Display Name or Status Message.

Today I’d like to share an updated list that now contains just over 230 countries, as well as instructions for how to use these flags within BBM. In the event you identify any missing flags, make sure you leave a comment and let me know!

What are BlackBerry Messenger Flags?

Simply put, you can add a flag or multiple flags to your BBM Display Name or Status Message, or while you are chatting with friends and family.

For example, in the screenshot above you’ll notice I have a Canadian flag in my BBM Status Message, and my colleague Brian (who sent me a BBM message) has the Canadian flag in his BBM Display Name. He also sent me an image of Taiwan’s flag.

How do I use flags within BlackBerry Messenger?

To use a flag within BBM, all you have to do is identify the code that’s listed next to the Country Flag you would like to display. Using the previous screenshot, for example, the codes required are *CA* for Canada and *TW* for Taiwan.

After identifying these codes, while composing a message, enter *CA* for example and after hitting space you’ll notice it changes to the flag image. A very important thing to keep in mind you must use the space key after the 2nd asterisk (*) in order for the code to change to the flag.

Alright, with that being said, here’s the updated flag listing!

What flags are available?

Afghanistan *AF* Liechtenstein *LI*
Albania *AL* Lithuania *LT*
Algeria *DZ* Luxembourg *LU*
American Samoa *AS* Macao *MO*
Andorra *AD* Madagascar *MG*
Angola *AO* Malawi *MW*
Anguilla *AI* Malaysia *MY*
Antigua and Barbuda *AG* Maldives *MV*
Argentina *AR* Mali *ML*
Armenia *AM* Malta *MT*
Aruba *AW* Marshall Islands *MH*
Australia *AU* Mauritania *MR*
Austria *AT* Mauritius *MU*
Azerbaijan *AZ* Mexico *MX*
Bahamas *BS* Monaco *MC*
Bahrain *BH* Mongolia *MN*
Bangladesh *BD* Montenegro *ME*
Barbados *BB* Montserrat *MS*
Belarus *BY* Morocco *MA*
Belgium *BE* Mozambique *MZ*
Belize *BZ* Myanmar *MM*
Benin *BJ* Namibia *NA*
Bermuda *BM* Nauru *NR*
Bhutan *BT* Nepal *NP*
Bolivia *BO* Netherlands *NL*
Bosnia and Herzegovina *BA* Netherlands Antilles *AN*
Botswana *BW* New Caledonia *NC*
Brazil *BR* New Zealand *NZ*
British Virgin Islands *VG* Nicaragua *NI*
Brunei Darussalam *BN* Niger *NE*
Bulgaria *BG* Nigeria *NG*
Burkina Faso *BF* Niue *NU*
Burundi *BI* Northern Mariana Islands *MP*
Cambodia *KH* Norway *NO*
Cameroon *CM* Oman *OM*
Canada *CA* Pakistan *PK*
Cape Verde *CV* Palau *PW*
Cayman Islands *KY* Palestine *PS*
Central African Republic *CF* Panama *PA*
Chad *TD* Papua New Guinea *PG*
Chile *CL* Paraguay *PY*
Colombia *CO* People’s Republic of China *CN*
Comoros *KM* Peru *PE*
Congo *CG* Phillipines *PH*
Cook Islands *CK* Poland *PL*
Costa Rica *CR* Portugal *PT*
Croatia *HR* Puerto Rico *PR*
Cuba *CU* Qatar *QA*
Cyprus *CY* Taiwan *TW*
Czech Republic *CZ* Republic of Moldova *MD*
North Korea *KP* Reunion *RE*
Democratic Republic of the Congo *CD* Romania *RO*
Denmark *DK* Russian Federation *RU*
Djibouti *DJ* Rwanda *RW*
Dominica *DM* Saint Kitts and Nevis *KN*
Dominican Republic *DO* Saint Lucia *LC*
Ecuador *EC* Saint Vincent and the Grenadines *VC*
Egypt *EG* Samoa *WS*
El Salvador *SV* San Marino *SM*
England *ENG* Sao Tome and Principe *ST*
Equatorial Guinea *GQ* Saudi Arabia *SA*
Eritrea *ER* Scotland *SCT*
Estonia *EE* Senegal *SN*
Ethiopia *ET* Serbia *RS*
Falkland Islands *FK* Seychelles *SC*
Faroe Islands *FO* Sierra Leone *SL*
Federated States of Micronesia *FM* Singapore *SG*
Fiji *FJ* Slovakia *SK*
Finland *FI* Slovenia *SI*
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia *MK* Solomon Island *SB*
France *FR* Somalia *SO*
French Antilles *FR-AN* South Africa *ZA*
French Guiana *GF* South Korea *KR*
French Polynesia *PF* South Sudan *SS*
Gabon *GA* Spain *ES*
Gambia *GM* Sri Lanka *LK*
Georgia *GE* St. Pierre and Miquelon *PM*
Germany *DE* Sudan *SD*
Ghana *GH* Suriname *SR*
Gilbratar *GI* Swaziland *SZ*
Great Britain *UK* Sweden *SE*
Greece *GR* Switzerland *CH*
Greenland *GL* Switzerland *CH*
Grenada *GD* Syrian Arab Republic *SY*
Guadeloupe *GP* Tajikistan *TJ*
Guam *GU* Thailand *TH*
Guatemala *GT* Timor-Leste *TL*
Guinea *GN* Togo *TG*
Guinea Bissau *GW* Tokelau *TK*
Guyana *GY* Tonga *TO*
Haiti *HT* Trinidad and Tobago *TT*
Honduras *HN* Tunisia *TN*
Hong Kong *HK* Turkey *TR*
Hungary *HU* Turkmenistan *TM*
Iceland *IS* Turkmenistan *TM*
India *IN* Turks and Caicos Islands *TC*
Indonesia *ID* Tuvalu *TV*
Iraq *IQ* Uganda *UG*
Ireland *IE* Ukraine *UA*
Islamic Republic of Iran *IR* United Arab Emirates *AE*
Israel *IL* United Arab Emirates *AE*
Italy *IT* United Republic of Tanzania *TZ*
Ivory Coast *CI* United States of America *US*
Jamaica *JM* Uruguay *UY*
Japan *JP* US Virgin Islands *VI*
Jordan *JO* Uzbekistan *UZ*
Kazakhstan *KZ* Vanuatu *VU*
Kenya *KE* Vatican City State *VA*
Kiribati *KI* Venezuala *VE*
Kosovo *KS* Vietnam *VN*
Kuwait *KW* Wales *WLS*
Kyrgyzstan *KG* Wallis and Futuna *WF*
Lao People’s Democratic Republic *LA* Western Sahara *EH*
Latvia *LV* Yemen *YE*
Lebanon *LB* Zambia *ZM*
Lesotho *LS* Zimbabwe *ZW*
Liberia *LR*    
Libya *LY*

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