Troubleshooting the BlackBerry Music Gateway

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One of my favorite accessories that I use at home, in the car or while on vacation is the BlackBerry® Music Gateway. This handy little device allows me to enjoy music from my BlackBerry® smartphone or BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet pretty much anywhere I go! (It’ll be especially useful in the family boat out on the lake this summer.)

To help you get the most of the BlackBerry Music Gateway, here are a few useful troubleshooting steps.

I can’t pair my BlackBerry Music Gateway with my smartphone or tablet

In the event you are unable to pair your device successfully with the BlackBerry Music Gateway, here are a few things you should check:

  • Verify the BlackBerry Music Gateway is plugged into an outlet and turned on, as the device will turn off automatically if left idle for longer than two minutes.
  • On your smartphone or tablet, verify that your Bluetooth® connection is turned on, as well as NFC if you plan on using it to help pair your devices.

If you are still unable to pair, you may need to clear the BlackBerry Music Gateway pairing list. To do this, press and hold the button on the top of the gateway roughly three to six seconds to clear the pairing list, at which point you can pair up to six devices again.

I can’t hear my music when paired with the BlackBerry Music Gateway

After pairing successfully with the gateway, if you run into difficulty playing music, there are a few things you should double-check:

  1. Verify that the audio cables between the gateway and your speaker system is securely connected
  2. Review the volume level on your speaker system
  3. Verify your speaker system is set to detect auxiliary input
  4. Ensure the BlackBerry Music Gateway is plugged into a power source and turned on

What do the LEDs on the BlackBerry Music Gateway represent?

After turning on the gateway by pressing the button on top of it, the LED in the bottom-right corner helps you identify the pairing status as well if it’s being used to play back audio. Check out the chart below to see what the various LEDs indicate.

For more information about your BlackBerry Music Gateway, visit and click BlackBerry Music Gateway.

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