How to have a “Berry” good sleep using the BlackBerry smartphone’s Bedside Mode

Rise and shine, #TeamBlackBerry! Where does your BlackBerry® smartphone go when you sleep? If you are like me, it’s not too far – likely within arm’s reach. But did you know that your BlackBerry smartphone has several built-in features that can aid your trip into dreamland and ensure that it doesn’t wake you (unless you want it to, of course)?

Today I’ll be showing you the BlackBerry smartphone features that are designed to be used at bedtime. Meet me after the jump for more!


You can set one of the evolving tones available in BlackBerry® OS 6 and OS 7, which start with a soothing melody but become more alarm-like as the seconds tick by. You also have the option of changing the snooze setting to a length of time that works best for you as well.

Setting the Alarm Clock on your BlackBerry smartphone

  1. On the Home screen or folders, select the Clock app

Tip: Try using Universal Search to find the Clock app.

  1. Press the Menu key and select “Set Alarm”
  2. Set the time of day you would like the alarm to sound
  3. Turn the alarm on by choosing “On” or “Weekdays”
  4. Click “OK”.

After you have enabled the alarm, the Home screen of your BlackBerry smartphone will show a clock icon, indicating that the alarm is set.

Bedside Mode

Bedside mode places your device into a customizable state, which is different from how it behaves while you are awake. You can limit the activities of your device while you rest; for example, turning off the radios to stop all incoming messages and phone calls. To review and customize Bedside mode on your BlackBerry smartphone, complete the following steps:

Configuring Bedside mode

  1. Open the Clock app
  2. Press the Menu key and choose “Options”
  3. Scroll to the Bedside Mode section and specify your desired settings. When finished, the press the Menu key and select Save
  • Disable LED: By default, the LED notification is disabled. To receive LED notification when bedside clock mode is turned on, change the Disable LED field to “No”.
  • Disable Radios:By default, the radios are left enabled. To turn off the connection to the wireless network, Wi-Fi® hotspots and Bluetooth® devices, change the Disable Radio field to “Yes”.
    • Note: If you turn the radio off by disabling it with Bedside mode, you WILL NOT be able to send or receive messages or phone calls. You also will not connect to Wi-Fi hotspots or Bluetooth devices. Any incoming or sent messages will be delivered when the radio is turned on again.
  • Dim Screen: Your screen will lower your screen brightness when in Bedside mode. To turn off screen dimming when bedside clock mode is turned on, change the Dim Screen field to “No”.
  • Sound Profile: Your active sound profile is the default. To change the sound settings, under “Sound Profile”, select the desired sound profile. For example, consider switching to a Vibrate Only profile whenever in Bedside mode.

Put Your BlackBerry smartphone into Bedside mode

When it comes to placing your BlackBerry smartphone into Bedside mode, you have two options. The first is from the Clock app on your BlackBerry smartphone, and the second is whenever you are connected to a charging source (such as a charging pod that you can purchase from!).

  1. Open the “Clock” application
  2. Press the Menu key and select “Bedside mode” from the Menu.


  1. Open the Clock application
  2. Press the Menu key and select “Options”
  3. Set the “When Charging” field to “Enter bedside mode”
  4. Press the Menu key and choose “Save”
  5. Connect your BlackBerry smartphone to a charging source.

Restrict Bedside mode to specific hours when connecting to a charging source

If you charge or connect your BlackBerry smartphone to a computer during the day, you most likely don’t want Bedside mode to activate. Since this is the case, you can restrict Bedside mode to specific hours of the day.

  1. On the Home screen, click the “Clock” app
  2. Press the Menu key and select “Options”
  3. Set the “When Charging” field to “Enter Bedside Mode”
  4. Check the box for “Restrict to Certain Hours”
  5. Set the time span for Bedside mode to be enabled when connected to a charging source.

Auto On/Off

Even adults have a bedtime, so you can use Auto On/Off to remind you that it’s time for bed by having your device turn off at a specific time each night. Do you like to have a little fun on the weekend? We’ve thought of that as well.

  1. Choose “Options” from the home screen
  2. Choose “Device” and then “Auto On/Off”
  3. Set “Weekday” & “Weekend” or both, by checking the boxes
  4. Press the Menu key and choose “Save”.

With that being said, try Bedside mode today and let us know you think about it by leaving a comment!

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