How to create a BlackBerry ID while using a BlackBerry 7 OS smartphone

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If you already have a BlackBerry® ID (BBID), you know it is a convenient way to access BlackBerry products and services. A BBID allows you to download and manage your apps from the BlackBerry App World™ storefront and log into any BlackBerry product that supports a BlackBerry ID.

For those that plan on purchasing a new BlackBerry® 7 OS smartphone and don’t have a BBID, you will need to create one when you first set up your new device. If you are using an older BlackBerry smartphone, a BBID can be created by accessing BlackBerry App World on your smartphone or by navigating to the BlackBerry ID website.

Here’s an overview of how to create a BlackBerry ID when setting up a new BlackBerry 7 OS smartphone.

To create a BBID, all you need is a valid email address that you can access from a web browser on your desktop, laptop or tablet. An important thing to keep in mind is that this email address can be any account you have and does not need to be associated with your BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet.

Creating a BBID on a BlackBerry 7 smartphone for the first time

After starting a BlackBerry 7 OS smartphone for the first time, you will be shown a short video that outlines some of the features offered by your device. You will then be presented with the BlackBerry ID sign up page. From here you can create your BlackBerry ID using the steps below.

Note: If you didn’t follow the prompt to create a BlackBerry ID after starting up, select “Setup” from the Home screen followed by “BlackBerry ID”.

1. Review and if you are in agreement, accept the BlackBerry ID license agreement
2. Fill out all or only the required fields, which are marked with a asterisk(*):

Three fields in particular you should be aware of are when signing up for a BlackBerry ID:

User Name – A user name is a valid email address that can be accessed from a web browser on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Screen Name – Although not required, setting a screen name is recommended as this is the name that will appear on BlackBerry websites; for example, when you review an application in BlackBerry App World.

Password – When creating a password, it is highly recommended that you choose a secure password that only you would know. This is important because any BlackBerry App World purchasing information you may enter later will be linked to your BlackBerry ID.

3. After submitting your BlackBerry ID account information, you’ll get an email sent to the address you entered for a user name. It contains an activation link in the body of the message allowing you to verify your email address. Clicking the link will activate your BlackBerry ID.

4. Enter your BlackBerry ID login credentials and select “Login”.

Now that you have your BlackBerry 7 OS smartphone up and running with BlackBerry ID, I’d recommend signing up for BlackBerry® Protect™, a free application designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone and allows you to back up some of the information on your smartphone on our secure servers. It can offer peace of mind for small businesses and families, with the ability to protect multiple smartphones. Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use BlackBerry Protect on your BlackBerry smartphone.

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