What is an IT Policy and how can I view it?

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BlackBerry smartphone IT policy

If you use a BlackBerry® smartphone on a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, an IT Policy is likely applied to your BlackBerry smartphone as a result. Sometimes you may have an IT Policy still applied to your BlackBerry smartphone even if you’ve been removed from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Today I’ll be providing a brief overview of what an IT Policy is, how to view your IT Policy if one is applied to your BlackBerry smartphone, and how to remove it if desired.

An IT Policy consists of a set of rules that define BlackBerry smartphone security, settings for synchronizing data over the wireless network, and other behaviors. For example, if your workplace does not permit cameras, the BlackBerry smartphone administrator may optionally disable the ability to use the Camera feature on your smartphone. A very common example of an IT Policy is the requirement to have a password set to unlock your BlackBerry smartphone.

(Note: Setting a password to protect your BlackBerry smartphone is something I recommend for everyone! If you do not have a password set currently, check out the user guide for your BlackBerry smartphone where you can find information on how to set up and customize your password.)

To see if you have an IT Policy applied to your device, complete the following steps depending on which version of BlackBerry® Device Software you are currently using. (If you don’t know what version you are using, check out our post on how to identify BlackBerry Device Software versions.)

BlackBerry® 6 and BlackBerry® 7 OS

  1. Select “Options” from the Home screen
  2. Type”Security” and select “Security Status Information”
  3. Details about the IT Policy will be displayed if one has been applied to your BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry smartphone IT policy

To learn more about what settings have been specified by an IT policy, you can use a feature available in BlackBerry 6 and BlackBerry 7 to view this information. All you need to do is select “View IT Policy”.

BlackBerry Device Software 5.0

  1. Select “Options” from the Home screen
  2. Select “Security Options”
  3. Select “Information”
  4. If an IT Policy is applied, the Services section will display the name of the IT Policy.

If you’ve identified that an IT policy has been applied to your BlackBerry smartphone, contact your BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator to learn more about the settings contained within the IT policy.
If you are no longer using a BlackBerry Enterprise Server and do not have contact with the BlackBerry administrator, check out KB14202 for instructions on how to remove the IT Policy.

Got a question about IT policies? Leave a comment and let me know!

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