How to subscribe to an RSS Feed using the BlackBerry News App for the BlackBerry PlayBook

HOW-TO / 07.11.11 / tywill1

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Every morning I can be found with a cup of coffee and my BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet, catching up on the latest news using the BlackBerry® News for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet app. It’s available for free in the BlackBerry App World™ storefront, and it’s the perfect app to gather all your news in one place!

Let’s take a look at how to subscribe to a RSS feed – those that are offered by the News Library built into BlackBerry News, as well asthose that are not. You can also add RSS feeds for your personal website or another website that isn’t listed in the News Library.

If you haven’t done so already, install the BlackBerry News for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet application from BlackBerry App World. After installing it, you can open News by tapping on the News icon.

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To get you started, the BlackBerry News App includes a News Library, which provides a listing of RSS feeds you might be interested in. To access it, tap on News Library button on the top bar. After you find a RSS feed you’d like to subscribe to, tap on the feed name for additional information, and if you want to subscribe to it, just tap on the box to check it off. You can continue adding feeds that you like as you browse the News Library as well. I would recommend checking out the Feeds You May Like category as it contains a lot of popular RSS feeds to help get you started!

To go back a folder, just tap on the icon circled in red below or hit My News to return to your subscribed RSS feeds view.

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To subscribe to a RSS feed that is not included in the News Library, tap in the top right corner and enter a search term or the website address in the search box to search the News Library for the associated RSS feed. If a RSS feed is found, you’ll be able to tap on the box to subscribe to it.

Sometimes you might not find the RSS feed you are looking for; when this happens, open the Browser on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and visit the website that provides a link to the RSS feed. Press and hold on the link to the RSS feed (yellow outline) and a menu with an option of Copy Link will appear (red outline)

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After copying the link, go back to the BlackBerry News app and tap in the Search box again. Press and hold within the search box and a menu with the option to Paste will appear. Provided the RSS feed is supported by the BlackBerry News App for PlayBook, it’ll appear in the search results so you can subscribe to it.

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What about unsubscribing? To do this, just swipe down from the top bezel and select Edit. Tap the RSS feeds you’d like to remove and tap on Delete that appears in the top right corner.

If you have any questions or want to leave some feedback about the BlackBerry News for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet app, leave a comment and let me know – and be sure to check out my colleague E-ming’s great post about the app on the Inside BlackBerry Blog!

Update 7/14/2011; The BlackBerry News for BlackBerry PlayBook  tablet app is available in Canada and the United States only as of July 14th 2011.  To identify supported countries in the future, view the BlackBerry App for BlackBerry PlayBook  tablet app within the BlackBerry App World desktop store front and select Supported Countries that appears on the right.

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