How to set up and use BlackBerry Password Keeper

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From our bank cards to logging into your account on the BlackBerry® Support Community Forums, passwords are a common occurrence in our everyday lives. Some sites require a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters, or ask to include numbers and special characters like !, @ or %. Having so many passwords can become really confusing, which is where BlackBerry Password Keeper application comes in to save the day! The Password Keeper app is designed to help you keep all your passwords in a safe, secure location on your BlackBerry smartphone, allowing you to access them whenever needed.

If you haven’t heard of Password Keeper before, grab your BlackBerry smartphone now – I’ll be showing you how you can set it up and start using it today.

Password Keeper can be found within the Applications folder. If your BlackBerry smartphone doesn’t have an applications folder, the Password Keeper icon can most likely be found on the home screen instead. If you can’t find the Password Keeper icon, double check and make sure that you haven’t hidden the icon. For help on hiding and showing icons, check out this post on customizing your BlackBerry 6 home screen.

Password Keeper

When launched for the first time, the first step is to create a new password. Make sure you remember this password because if you forget it, you have 10 attempts to enter the correct password – and this password can’t be reset! After the tenth try using the wrong password, the data in Password Keeper will be wiped from your BlackBerry smartphone, and you will have to start over with no entries in Password Keeper. Although you need to remember this password, it is much easier to remember one password, than remembering all the passwords that you can put into Password Keeper. For more information, see KB10580 – How to reset the Password Keeper application on the BlackBerry smartphone.

Now that we have selected a password, it’s time to enter the information for websites, mobile banking and more! To add a new password, select “New Password” which will cause the form below to be displayed.

Password Keeper

Password Keeper

For the title, enter the name of the account or product for the password you want to save (eg “XYZ bank card” or “BlackBerry smartphone”). Then enter in the username, password and/or the website as necessary. Once all the information you want or need to input is entered, hit the Menu key and select Save. After you have entered all of your passwords, exit Password Keeper and you’ll be able to see it encrypt your information before closing.

When you need to access Password Keeper, you will be prompted to enter your special password for access. Once unlocked, you can add, remove and modify any personal information kept within Password Keeper.

Password Keeper

Password Keeper

One of my favorite features is that you can transfer Password Keeper data from an existing BlackBerry smartphone to a new BlackBerry smartphone. When you transfer the data to your new BlackBerry smartphone, you just need to enter the password used to access Password Keeper on the previous BlackBerry smartphone to unlock Password Keeper.

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