BlackBerry Travel Getting Started Guide

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If you follow the Inside BlackBerry® blog, you may have seen this BlackBerry® Travel™ app post from my colleague Andreas. BlackBerry Travel is a new application – currently available in Beta in the US, Canada, UK and Spain – that makes staying on top of your travel arrangements really easy! Today I’d like to show you just how easy it is to get the BlackBerry Travel app installed and set up on your BlackBerry smartphone, and answer some of the questions you might have when you first start using the app.

With that being said, let’s get started with an installation and setup overview, and finish up with some troubleshooting tips based on some questions I asked myself when I first set up the BlackBerry Travel app.

Installing BlackBerry Travel

The first thing you’ll need to do is verify that your BlackBerry smartphone is compatible with the BlackBerry Travel app. To do this, visit the BlackBerry Travel Download Center and review the listing of compatible BlackBerry smartphones. After confirming your device model is compatible, follow the instructions in the BlackBerry Travel Download Center to install the app on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Once installation is complete, you may receive a prompt to confirm BlackBerry Travel Application Permissions. Accept the default settings, which allow the BlackBerry Travel app to communicate with other features of your BlackBerry smartphone. After confirming application permissions, you can now open the app by tapping/clicking on the BlackBerry Travel icon that is displayed on your Home Screen.

Registering and signing in to the BlackBerry Travel app

When you open the BlackBerry Travel app for the first time, you will be prompted to sign up for a BlackBerry Travel account. After registering or signing into an existing BlackBerry Travel account, the next screen will ask you if you would like to enable or disable Automatic Trip Scanning. This feature is designed to allow the BlackBerry Travel app to build your trips by automatically adding new travel information once received in your inbox.

Tip: If you change your mind after setting up the BlackBerry Travel app and would like to enable or disable Automatic Trip Scanning, all you need to do is open the app, press the Menu key and select Settings. Within this menu, you will be able to change the setting for Automatic Trip Scanning in addition to several other settings that will help you customize the BlackBerry Travel app to your personal preferences.

After specifying the setting for Automatic Trip Scanning, you will then be prompted to enter your LinkedIn account details, which will let you know if any of your LinkedIn contacts are in the same location. If you do not use LinkedIn, click the Skip button to move past this screen, or visit the LinkedIn website to create a LinkedIn account which you can use with the BlackBerry Travel app.

Once these steps have been completed, you can start using the BlackBerry Travel app! To learn more about the features and functionality offered I would recommend reviewing the user guide, which can be found on the BlackBerry Travel webpage.

BlackBerry Travel Troubleshooting

After using the BlackBerry Travel app for a while and chatting with my colleagues about it, I wanted to share some of the questions we each asked ourselves when we first started using the app.

Q: Can I use the BlackBerry Travel app on more than one BlackBerry smartphone?
A: You can use a single BlackBerry Travel account on multiple BlackBerry smartphones, but there are several things you must be aware of. The first is that the BlackBerry Travel app will only synchronize automatically with the BlackBerry smartphone with which the BlackBerry Travel app was last logged in to. To synchronize your information on other BlackBerry smartphones, you must perform a manual synchronization.

The second thing is that automatic alerts will not function properly if you have more than one BlackBerry smartphone tied to a singled BlackBerry Travel account. So, to ensure you don’t miss any alerts, we recommend creating another BlackBerry Travel account for use on your other BlackBerry smartphone.

Q: Why isn’t my travel itinerary email getting automatically processed by the BlackBerry Travel app?
A: In order for the BlackBerry Travel app to automatically process travel itinerary emails, the email must come from a supported Travel Provider.

UPDATE (2/16/2011): For a listing of supported travel providers, click here.

Q: I’ve verified that my Travel Provider is supported for use with the BlackBerry Travel app, but my travel itinerary emails still aren’t being automatically processed by the app.
A: In order for the BlackBerry Travel app to process travel itineraries from a supported travel provider, you must ensure you are forwarding your itineraries correctly:

  • The subject and content of the email needs to be the original and cannot be modified. When forwarding an email, it’s typical to see FW: added as a prefix, and this is okay provided you are forwarding the travel itinerary as is.
  • Forward emails using HTML instead of plain text when possible.
  • Verify the text of the original email is in the body of the forwarded email and that it is not an ‘email within an email’.
  • Verify that you are forwarding confirmation emails, as cancellation emails are not automatically processed by BlackBerry Travel. (It’s up the user to delete the trip from the BlackBerry Travel app after receiving a cancellation notice.)

What questions did you ask yourself when installing and using the BlackBerry Travel app on your BlackBerry smartphone? Leave a comment and let me know if you found an answer, or if you are looking for additional information.

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