BlackBerry Help invades CES 2011

NEWS / 02.08.11 / michaeldu1

(#TeamBlackBerry will be heading to a number of conferences and shows this year to join on the conversation and help out with any questions you may have. With that being said, #TeamBlackBerry member Mike attended CES 2011 and wanted to share the following about his experience. – Ed.)

The first week of January was a big one for Research In Motion® (RIM®) and the rest of the Consumer Electronics world with CES 2011 happening in Las Vegas, Nevada. Scott, Corey and I were there from the @BlackBerryHelp team to provide technical assistance to consumers and celebrities!

Walking up to the BlackBerry® booth was fantastic! The first things you noticed were the bright blue colors, big screen displays and crowds of people surrounding our BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet demonstrations. Thousands of consumers, developers and industry professionals swarmed the booth. Buzz about our pending celebrity visits filled the air. Not to mention seeing the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in action first hand was amazing – the graphics, the speed and stability blew me away!

As “Booth Floaters,” our job was to assist anyone who had questions regarding their BlackBerry smartphone. We answered everything from “How do I change my wallpaper?” to “How do I enforce security using my BlackBerry® Enterprise Server?”

Another responsibility was to assist with the celebrity BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) chat, in which each of our four celebrity guests spent time in a BBM group chat with several lucky individuals. We were ready to provide support for the BBM Group if needed and they all went over quite well.

We will be at several more conferences over the year, so make sure you come and say hi! Keep an eye on the Inside BlackBerry blogs for information on what shows and conferences you might be able to see us at.

Don’t forget you can also say hi and ask us a question about your BlackBerry smartphone by following @BlackBerryHelp on Twitter and sending us a message! We look forward to hearing from you!

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