Looking for your feedback on Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v1.9.0.20

NEWS / 01.17.11 / kirstyc1

We have seen some reports from our user community about missing notifications or difficulty logging into Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones v1.9.0.20. We want to know more about these potential issues. So, if you have experienced problems, we want to know about them! Please comment on this post with the following information:

  • The specific error message you received or the specific notification you missed
  • The version of Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones you are running – you can find this in Options > Applications or Options > Device > Application Management
  • The version of BlackBerry® Device Software you are running – you can find this in Options > About or Options > Device > About Device Versions
  • Your wireless service provider and your data plan
  • Your location (country)
  • If you have recently changed wireless service providers or BlackBerry® smartphones
  • If you have recently changed anything related to your Facebook® account or privacy settings (i.e. changed your sign-in email address or password)
  • If you are using Facebook on multiple mobile devices
  • If you were able to resolve the issue, and if so, how you resolved it

Thank you for your help as we work with you to identify and learn more about your experiences with our applications.

UPDATE (1/25/2011): Thanks to everyone for your valuable feedback! The Research In Motion® (RIM) Development team is continuing to investigate these potential issues. Thanks for your patience as we work toward a resolution.

UPDATE (3/4/2011): An updated version of Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones is now available, click here to learn more!

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