Bluetooth Pairing your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer and BlackBerry Desktop Manager

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When I received my first BlackBerry® smartphone, I thought ‘wireless everything!’ – then I learned that there was a bit of configuring needed to get this all set up! However, it didn’t take a long time to get my device up and running without being tethered.

From the home screen on the BlackBerry smartphone, navigate to ‘Manage Connections’ and ensure there is a check beside ‘Bluetooth®’. The next step is making sure your device is ‘Discoverable’. Navigate to ‘Options/Networks and Connections/Bluetooth Connections’. Make sure ‘Discoverable’ is set to ‘Yes’.

Pairing with the computer

There are a few things to consider when you pair the BlackBerry smartphone with your computer. There are a couple of system requirements that need to be met. Although there are a number of third-party Bluetooth driver stacks that will work with your BlackBerry smartphone, the default Windows driver stack is supported.

1. From the Start menu, select ‘All Programs’ and ‘My Bluetooth Places’.

2. Click Add a Bluetooth Device from the top left.

This will start the Welcome to the Bluetooth Setup Wizard, as seen here:

3. Click Next, and the Bluetooth software will search for any detectable Bluetooth devices in the area.

4. When the BlackBerry smartphone is detected, select it and click OK.

Note: If the BlackBerry smartphone cannot be detected, verify that all the system requirements to set up a Bluetooth connection are met.

5. A randomly generated passkey number will then be presented on the computer.

You will be prompted on the BlackBerry smartphone and presented with the same passkey to confirm.

6. Select ‘Yes’ on the device, and ‘Next’ on the computer.

7. This will bring you to the finish screen on the computer and the connect screen on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Depending on the Bluetooth device in your computer, the options available might be different. For BlackBerry® Desktop Manager connectivity, you should not need to select anything here.

From here you can select the ‘Don’t ask this again’ checkbox so you will not be prompted when you move within range of the computer.

8. Once you have selected ‘Connect’, you should receive a request for a connection on the computer itself:

Note: Depending on the default service it connects to, this message may vary.

Connecting to Desktop Manager

After getting connected to the computer, you can open BlackBerry Desktop Manager and it will prompt you to connect via Bluetooth.

Select ‘Yes’, and you’re done! Now you can synchronize, backup, and restore your BlackBerry smartphone wirelessly once in range of your computer!

After spending just a few minutes, you can now sync up your calendars and contacts – also, you can back up and restore when you need to! There are a few resources that are additionally at your disposal if you need to check on system requirements or to ensure the computer is using the correct drivers.

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