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With the BBM™ Music1 app, you can share the music you love with the people that matter to you. BBM Music makes your music collection social! With BBM Music, you can create a music profile of your favorite 50 songs that all your BBM Music friends can listen to – and in return, you can enjoy all of your friends’ 50 song selections. BBM Music Premium, a subscription service, gives you access to the full songs. BBM Music Basic, a free service, gives you access to 30 second previews.

You and your friends can keep your selection fresh by swapping out up to 25 tracks every month. You can create playlists, have conversations about music and even listen to music offline. That means the more friends you have using BBM Music, the more music you can enjoy! Remember that both you and your friends must have BBM Music Premium in order to listen to and share full songs.

Great news #TeamBlackBerry, you can try BBM Music Premium for free for a time limited trial so here’s an overview of how to get BBM Music if you don’t already have it, as well as how to get started with it right away.

Like any app, the first thing you should do is verify that your BlackBerry smartphone meets the minimum requirements to install the app. This information can be found in two places: the BBM Music User Guide which can found at (search for ‘BBM Music’) or by visiting the BlackBerry App World™ storefront page for BBM Music. Provided your smartphone meets the requirements to install BBM Music, you can then open BlackBerry App World and search for the BBM Music app or scan the following QR code using BlackBerry App World (Menu key > Scan a Barcode). You can also visit the BBM Music website for download instructions as well as other details about BBM Music.

After installing BBM Music, you will need the latest version of BlackBerry App World and BlackBerry Messenger in order to activate it. If you already have these installed, then you can activate BBM Music. Otherwise, if you are running older versions of BlackBerry App World and BBM, you will be prompted to first install these updates before you can use BBM Music. Make sure you upgrade BBM if prompted to ensure you can invite all of your BBM friends to share music with you. You may also be asked to reboot your BlackBerry smartphone while activating BBM Music – if a prompt like this appears make sure you reboot then open BBM Music again to resume the activation process.

After you’ve successfully installed and activated BBM Music, here are a few steps to get you going as well as some answers to commonly asked questions.

Step 1 – Create your music profile

Launch the app by selecting the BBM Music icon that appears on your BlackBerry smartphone and you’ll be shown the BBM Music timeline. The first thing you’ll want to do is select the Catalog tab (circled in red below) so you can search for your favorite music and create your music profile. While searching for music you can listen to a 30 second song preview by tapping on the track name. If you decide to add the song to your profile, just tap on the “+” icon to add the song to your BBM Music profile. After reaching 50 songs, if you attempt to add another song, you have the option of swapping an older song in favor of the new song you’d like to add to your profile. You can swap up to 25 songs per month.

Step 2 – Add friends and expand

The best part of BBM Music is the social aspect of it as you can share music with friends who have also installed the application; listen to songs they’ve picked as well as their playlists. You and your friends must have BBM Music Premium in order to listen to and share full songs. To invite friends, select the “My Friends” tab (circled in red below) and select “Add Contact” followed by which method you would like to use to add the new contact. If you select “BBM Contact” for instance, you can then scroll through your listing of BBM contacts and invite them all at once.

On top of being able to listen to your friend’s music, you can also leave comments about songs as well as launch a BBM chat inside the BBM Music app so you can chat with a friend about your favorite music. The more friends you have using BBM Music, the more music you have access to. For example, on top of the 50 songs you picked, if you have 15 friends in BBM Music each with 50 songs selected , you have access to 800 songs!

Step 3 – Share and discover more!

At this point we’ve added some music and invited some BBM friends so let’s take a look at how to share and discover new music. The first thing you should do is create and share playlists followed by using the “Recommend similar” option to discover some new music.

Create and share a playlist

  1. On the “My Songs” tab, click “My Playlists” followed by “New Playlist”.
    • To name the playlist, highlight the playlist name field and enter a name for the playlist.
    • To add songs to the playlist, click “Add Songs” followed by clicking the songs that you want to add and selecting “Done”.
    • To share a playlist with your BBM Music contacts, select the “Share this playlist” checkbox on the “Recent Updates” tab.
    • To add multiple related songs, press the Menu key and select “Bulk Add”. Select an option followed by the songs that you want to add before clicking “Done”.
  2. Press the Menu key and select “Save Playlist”.

Change a playlist

  1. On the “My Songs” tab, click “My Playlists”.
  2. Click a playlist.
    • To add a song to the playlist, click “Add Songs”. Click the song that you want to add followed by clicking “Done”.
    • To delete a song from the playlist, highlight the song in the playlist, press the Menu key and select “Delete Song”.
    • To move a song in the playlist, highlight a song in the playlist. Click “Move” followed by clicking the location that you want to move the song to.
  3. Press the Menu key and select “Save Playlist”.

Discovering New Music

When BBM Music starts playing a song you really like, press the Menu key and select “Recommend similar” to get a listing of other songs you might like. You can preview the song or press the “+” icon to add the song to your music profile. This is a great way to find new musicians you might not have heard before.

Since we have added some music and friends, here are some commonly asked questions! For more information, make sure you check out the BBM Music User Guide which can be found here.

Change your Download Options

Since BBM Music can stream music, you can specify when streaming will occur using the following steps:

  1. Launch BBM Music, press the Menu key and select “Options”
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To stream or download songs using a Wi-Fi® network, change the “Stream media using” field to Wi-Fi.
    • To turn off downloading when you are roaming, clear the “Stream media even while roaming” checkbox.

Do data charges apply when I use BBM Music?

Data charges might apply when you are using BBM Music if you aren’t connected to a Wi-Fi network. Music and data in BBM Music are streamed over the mobile network if a Wi-Fi network isn’t available.

Your data plan must support access to the BlackBerry App World storefront for you to download and use BBM Music. Some wireless service providers allow BlackBerry App World access over the Wi-Fi network and at this time BBM Music works over the Wi-Fi network. For additional information, contact your wireless service provider.

Are songs downloaded to my smartphone?

Songs are streamed to your BlackBerry smartphone and you can listen to them offline if they are stored temporarily on your smartphone and there is enough storage space available. An important thing to keep in mind is you can’t listen to these songs outside of the BBM Music app.

Can I listen to songs offline?

If you have sufficient space on your BlackBerry smartphone or a media card, music is automatically stored temporarily as you listen to it in BBM Music.

You can also choose to store an individual song, all your songs, or all the songs from any BBM contacts profile temporarily on your media card or smartphone storage. To do this, complete either sets of instructions below.

To cache a single song:

  1. Highlight a song
  2. Press the Menu key and select “Store Song on Device”

To cache all of your songs:

  1. Click the “My Profile” tab
  2. Press the Menu key and select “Store All Songs on Device”

To cache your BBM friend’s songs:

  1. Select a friend from the “My Friends” tab
  2. Press the Menu key and select “Store All Songs on Device”

Why can’t I see all my BBM contacts in BBM Music?

When you invite contacts, if you don’t see all your BBM contacts, it might be because you don’t have the latest version of BBM installed. To install the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger, scan the following QR code using BlackBerry App World (Menu key > Scan a Barcode).

Switching BlackBerry smartphones

You can switch your BBM Music account from one BlackBerry smartphone to another, but you cannot use BBM Music on two BlackBerry smartphones at the same time. A very important thing to keep in mind is you can switch BlackBerry smartphones up to five times every six months.

How can I pay for BBM Music Premium?

You can pay for your BBM Music Premium subscription using a credit card, PayPal and also directly through your airtime service provider where available. BBM Music Premium is a monthly subscription service and renews automatically.

Do I need to provide payment details to continue my free trial?

You can start your free trial of the BBM Music Premium subscription without entering your payment information. However, in order to receive the full free trial period available in your country, you are asked to enter payment information during the trial period to continue with your trial. If you choose to enter your payment details, you aren’t billed at that point. You are only billed when your free trial ends. After your free trial ends, your subscription renews automatically on a monthly basis unless you cancelled your subscription before the trial period ended which means you will revert to BBM Music Basic where you will only have access to 30 second previews.

You have up to three days after you are prompted to enter payment details. If you don’t enter payment details within that time, your free trial of BBM Music Premium will end.

How do I cancel BBM Music Premium?

You can cancel your BBM Music Premium account at any point after entering your payment details. Press the Menu key > Options. Click Account Information > Cancel.

Where can I learn more about BBM Music?

To take advantage of all the features offered by BBM Music, listed below are a few useful links as well as a How To video.

Got a question about BBM Music? Leave a comment and let me know what you think about BBM Music!

  1. BlackBerry ID and data service required. Monthly subscription required for full track access. Songs must be available in BBM Music catalog in user’s home country. Users can have up to 50 songs in their profile and change up to 25 songs per month. Friends must be using BBM Music and have a monthly subscription for you to access their full tracks. Limit of 50 songs per friend. Accessing the service while roaming may incur additional data charges. When traveling outside of home country, only songs available in user’s home country BBM Music catalog are accessible. Songs may be cached to play off-network. Storage card and sufficient available memory required for caching. Songs will only play within the BBM Music app. When users change songs in their profile, deleted songs, included cached copies on their device, are no longer accessible. See for complete details and restrictions. Terms subject to change.
  2. BBM Music Free Trial Offer: Limited time introductory offer; subject to change. New BBM Music users only. Payment information required to receive full trial period. Following trial you are placed into automatically renewing monthly subscription plan unless cancelled before end of trial period. Offer may vary by BlackBerry device or carrier. See for complete details and restrictions.”

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