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Do you own an Android or iPhone smartphone? If so, you can download BBM and connect with friends and family around the world for free! To help you get started, here are a few things you’ll want to know.

Step 1 – Make sure BBM supports your device

In addition to BlackBerry smartphones, BBM™ is currently available on iPhone and Android devices.

For iPhone, BBM supports iOS v6 and iOS v7 or later.

For Android, BBM supports smartphones running Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and later and with a screen size of 7” or less.

Step 2 – How to download BBM on Android or iPhone

Visit from your iPhone or Android smartphone browser. This will take you to the official BBM app in the App Store or Google Play.

This is the best way to ensure you get the real BBM for Android or iPhone

Step 3 – Sign into BBM using a BlackBerry ID

In order to use BBM, you’ll need a BBID (BlackBerry ID). Simply put, a BBID is an account that serves as your login to BBM on Android and iPhone.. What’s really convenient is that your BBM contact list and other BBM details are linked to your BBID. With your contact list linked to your BBID, you no longer have to manually backup and restore your BBM contact list when you switch devices.

If you don’t have a BBID, you’ll be able to create one after installing BBM on your device, or you can create one online by browsing to After creating your BBID, all that’s left to do is sign in to BBM and you’ll be able to start chatting with friends and family.

In the event you already have a BBID but forget the password, visit the BlackBerry ID website for assistance with resetting your password.

Finally, for those that used BBM on a BlackBerry smartphone in the past, you may be able to restore your contacts provided your BBID was associated with a BlackBerry smartphone running BBM 7.0 or later. If this applies to you, when you log in to BBM using that BBID, you will be prompted to restore your contacts.

Step 4 – BBM tips!

At this point, BBM should be installed on your Android or iPhone, and you’ve successfully signed in using a BlackBerry ID. To help you get the most out of BBM, here are a few things you’ll want to know!

What is a BBM PIN and how can I find mine?

A PIN is a unique identifier used in BBM that is automatically generated when you log in to BBM for the first time. If you want to invite someone to be a BBM contact, give them your PIN, or ask for theirs. It’s a neat way to connect with people without having to give them personal information like your email address or phone number. You can also add a new contact on BBM by showing them your PIN Barcode (this looks like a QR code), rather than having to type out the PIN number. After your friend scans your PIN Barcode, you’ll be added to each other’s contact lists. Again, no personal information is exchanged, just your unique PINs.

To find your BBM PIN, tap your BBM picture or name followed by Show Barcode along the bottom toolbar.

How do I change my BBM name, status or picture?

After signing in to BBM, tap your picture or name along the top banner and do any of the following:

  • To change your BBM display name, tap your current display name.
  • To change your BBM picture (avatar), tap your current picture followed by tapping BBM-ReplacePicture Replace Picture and select a new picture or animated GIF to use as your BBM picture.
  • In the ‘What’s on your mind?’ field, type a status.
  • To show an icon beside your name, or to show a custom status that you saved, tap Status and select a desired status

How can I invite my friends to join BBM?

You can add contacts to BBM by scanning a BBM barcode, typing a BBM PIN, or by selecting a contact on your device and sending them an invite via email or text.

  1. On the bottom right of the screen, tap BBM-3Dot > BBM-InviteTo Invite to BBM
  2. Follow the directions on the screen
  3. To view your pending BBM invitations, tap BBM-3bar > BBM-InvitePending Invites

For a visual overview, check out how this short video on how to add a contact by PIN. For more BBM videos, check out the BBM on Android and iPhone playlist.

YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

What do the various icons mean?

During a chat, the BBM-Stat-Sent next to a message indicates that your message has been sent. After the message is delivered to your contact’s phone the check mark changes to BBM-Stat-Delivered. For example, if you message someone and their device isn’t turned on, your messages will show a check mark until your contact turns on their device again. When your contact reads the message, BBM-Stat-Read appears next to the message.

Some additional status icons include:

  • BBM-Stat-Unread Unread message in a chat
  • BBM-Stat-Ping Ping message
  • BBM-Stat-FileSentReceived File has been sent or received
  • BBM-Stat-UnreadBroadcast Unread broadcast message
  • BBM-Stat-Busy A contact has set their status to busy
  • BBM-Stat-Draft Draft message
  • BBM-Stat-Pending Message hasn’t been sent yet (Tip: Verify your device is connected to the Internet)
  • BBM-Stat-CantSend Message couldn’t be sent (Tip: Touch and hold the message, and tap BBM-Stat-Resend to resend it)

How do I back up my BBM contacts?

When you sign in to BBM on Android or iPhone using a BlackBerry ID, your contacts will be backed up automatically. If you log into a different device using the same BlackBerry ID, you’ll be prompted to restore your contact list.

Can I use BBM on multiple devices at the same time?

BBM supports one device at a time, so avoid installing BBM onto other devices and signing in using the same BBID. If you would like to use BBM on multiple devices, consider creating an additional BlackBerry ID with a separate email address.

Step 5 – Spread the word and get assistance

After getting BBM set up on your device, make sure you check out the invite tools we’ve provided at, or simply share the link and encourage your friends to install BBM.

In the event you have a question about BBM for Android or iPhone, pop by the BlackBerry Support Community Forums or send a tweet to @BlackBerryHelp.

You can also visit our online support pages. Just select the appropriate link below based on which device you are using.

Got a question, comment or want to share a great BBM story? Post a comment and let us know!

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  • christian

    Why i can’t open .vcf contact file on my bbm android? My friend sent me a bbm contact from his blackberry, but i can’t open it or add it as my friend.

    what should i do?

    im sorry for my bad english

  • anank

    bb for android don’t suport send contact blackberry!!

  • bernad manalu

    when bbm on android can to share songs and videos?

  • Ahmed Hassen

    I’m useing bb 9790 device can I transfer my bbm contacts to android app

  • Mansoor

    After i updatey bbm today a have a problem when i get into my contact list the apllication swith off !!

  • himanshi

    hey , I m using sony xperia tipo.. nd it has android version 4.0.4 ice cream sandwich.. bt when I tried to download bbm through d link… it shows dat ur device is not compatible with dis version.. why plzz tell me????????

  • Allison

    Can the updates be cleared on bbm for Android? Or just hidden

  • RatibaSaab

    new to blackberry messenger.

  • ? awab


  • Kemal

    I’m so disapointed when my Tablet can’t install this great app…

  • abd'ganeey

    I can’t change my display picture on my tablet 10.1 but all other things are working perfectly. plz do some thing. or u release tablet version.

  • Afnan

    I have ipod tuch but the BBM dosn’t work with me why is that!
    Pleas help me si i can make it work:(❤️

    • Afnan


  • sit

    Why can’t my sony c1505 download it?😦

  • Milagros Amaro

    Mi perfil de bbm en mi android mini galaxi s3 no se ve.. que puedo hacer para q mis contactos puedan ver mi foto de perfil

  • http://nouh nouh Elfouly

    Ana nouh

    • http://nouh nouh Elfouly

      I love Egypt

  • maulik

    I have 1 days bake download bbm but now not working what I can do ?

  • http://BBM budiprasetyoutomo

    good application. i like it

  • Bob Anderson

    Is it possible to do automatically chat history backup?

    And is there a way to backup my BB contacts from my BB phone and upload them to my new BB pin ID on the android phone… I still love and wanna keep my BB but I wanna have a new BB id on my android due to the bad service in some areas.


    And hope to hear from you ASAP

  • Bob Anderson

    Is it possible to do automatically chat history backup?And is there a way to backup my BB contacts from my BB phone and upload them to my new BB pin ID on the android phone… I still love and wanna keep my BB but I wanna have a new BB id on my android due to the bad service in some areas.ThanksAnd hope to hear from you ASAP

  • krystal

    I downloaded the app. But as I open it. It says you are not connected to a wireless connection. Do you need to be connected to Wi-fi to use bbm? And I have a galaxy S3 why do you need wifi cant you just use normal dat.

  • Jade

    Hello, I have a problem. I instal bbm it worked and I even created an bbid but after that I can’t sign in it says Incorrect device time? I don’t know what to do! Should I change my time zone or what should I do?

  • Bronwin

    I cant get bbm on my sony experia go, is it not made for my phone?
    Its very sad

  • Louise

    Hi ive downloaded the BBM app on my Iphone i waited for the email to say i was front of the line i recieved this email today so i went on the app to create an id but it is saying this id username is already in use. Help?????

  • Umapron sanghrow

    Good thing

  • Danny

    How can I change my barcode pin

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