How to reset your BlackBerry ID password


Looking to reset your BlackBerry ID password?

If so, follow the steps below to set a new password in a matter of minutes.

How to reset your BlackBerry ID password using a BlackBerry 10 device

  1. Swipe down from the top of screen and tap Settings
  2. Tap BlackBerry ID followed by Change Password
  3. Tap Forgot password?
  4. When prompted, enter the answer to the security question. Instructions to reset your BlackBerry ID password will be sent to your BlackBerry ID email address
  5. Open the email titled ‘How to change your BlackBerry ID password’ and tap ‘Change your BlackBerry® ID password
  6. Enter your new password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields
  7. When finished, tap Submit
  8. You have successfully updated your BlackBerry ID password

How to reset your BlackBerry ID password using a computer or smartphone browser

If you are using a BlackBerry 7.1 device or earlier, you will need to use the browser on your computer or smartphone in order to reset your BlackBerry ID. This is a result of a security precaution that prevents the password recovery email from being sent to the device.

  1. Browse to using your computer or smartphone browser
  2. Enter your BlackBerry ID username and complete the CAPTCHA™ characters
    • Note: Your username is the email address used to access your BlackBerry ID
  3. A confirmation page will appear stating ‘A request to reset your password has been submitted
  4. Sign in to this email account using a browser on your computer or smartphone
  5. Look for the BlackBerry ID password reset email, the sender will appear as
    • Note: Don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder!
  6. In the body of the email, click ‘Change your BlackBerry® ID password
  7. Enter your new password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields
    • Note: Answering a recovery question is only required if the BlackBerry ID account is not confirmed. For assistance confirming your BlackBerry ID email address, check out KB34137
  8. When finished, tap Submit
  9. You have successfully updated your BlackBerry ID password

Do you have a question about using a Blackberry ID? Leave a comment to let us know!

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  • Gcobani Brown

    I forgot my Blackberry ID password before, and I reset it using my work computer. Now I forgot this new one and I tried several times to change it at work like I did this before, but I do not get the new one on my Blackberry Username, I need assistance, please.

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  • Jacq

    Im IOS user and would integrate my account, but i’m forgot my password and already reset the id, make the new one with the same email addres, one is my concern is, is that still any chance i get my old data PIN backup?


  • hassan

    Ok good to see

  • David

    I bought a blackberry playbook at a pawn shop and it already had a blackberry ID in it. How do I reset it so I can put my own ID and password in it?

  • sello

    How do I reset my blackberry I’d password if my email has changed?

  • Mario Barrett

    That method does not work for 7.1! It keeps asking the secret question, which if you’ve forgotten the answer to leaves you stuck forever!!! But who cares right? Everybody is swtching iPhone or Android right?

  • olumide

    I find it difficult to logon to my bbid. Please what is the way out.

  • david

    Have I can’t open my BlackBerry email account to reset my password a link has bin sent to my email but I don’t know which site to open my BlackBerry mail

  • http://blackberry sophia ontong

    I did everything right but still I can’t sign in at blackberry world what can be the problem

  • Andries

    I forgot my blackberry id password and I don’t remember the answer for my security question what can I do?

  • Jane Rapadas

    My brother in law gave me this blackberry torch 9800 he already use this device, now I cannot update any or download any applications because it has this error need to update blackberry credentials then when a click repair blackberry I.D. It will ask me to update because Blackberry protect needs an updated version of blackberry I.D. And when I click update it will show sorry no compatible version of I.D. At this time and this is for 3 months already. Please help.

  • roque luzon

    Vive para ti no para los demás

  • ismail

    I don’t know the answer for blackberry recovery question

  • Grace Moore

    I recently downloaded bbm on my anroid, i tried to log on and make my bbm id but when i put my email in it said that there was already a account with that email? I usto have a blackberry a couple of years ago and used bbm but i later sold the phone. Anyway when i tried reset my password it asked for my password back up question and gave me my hint but i cannot remember the password so it wont send me a emil to reset my normall password? Help please!

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  • http://nowebsites juan

    I can’t. Log in to my blackberry I’d accnt

  • sasa zaneele

    I have forgotten my answer to my recovery question please help

  • pirtondi

    How to reset password without answer recovey question?

  • David Rahmadi


    I want to ask about my problem
    I forgot my password id for my bb account and also i forgot security answer of recovery question.

    Would you mind to tell me how to solve this case without create new bb id ?

    Thank you very much

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