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One of my favorite BlackBerry Q10 features is the ability to use Instant Action to complete common tasks such as sending a BBM message or posting a social network status update.

Here’s a quick overview of the various shortcuts available to you while using a BlackBerry Q10.

After reviewing this list, which one do you use the most? Perhaps you would like to see a new shortcut added? Either way, make sure you leave a comment and let me know!

Note: In order for these shortcuts to work, you must be viewing your Home screen.

Making a call – Type “call,” then the name or number of the person that you want to call. I.e., call Jen or call 123-456-7890

Sending an email – Type “email,” then the name or email address of the contact that you want to email.

Sending a text message – Type “text,” then the name or number of the person that you want to send a text message too.

Start a BBM Chat – Type “BBM,” followed by the name of the person you’d like to chat with.

Update your Facebook Status – Type “Facebook,” followed by your status update.

Post a tweet to Twitter – Type “tweet,” followed by your update. 

Post a LinkedIn update – Type “LinkedIn,” followed by your update.

Add a note to BlackBerry Remember – Type “note,” followed by the contents of your note.

Add a task to BlackBerry Remember – Type “task,” followed by the contents of your task.

On top of using the examples listed above, in some cases you can type an alternative command instead.

An important thing to keep in mind however is that depending on what language your device is currently using, alternative shortcuts might not be available.

  • Make a call – Type the “phone number” or type “phone”, or “dial” followed by the number
  • Send an email – Type “mail”
  • Send a text message – Type “sms”, “msg”, or “message”
  • Update your Facebook status – Type “fb”
  • Post a tweet – Type “tweet”, or “tw”
  • Post a LinkedIn Update – Type “li”
  • Add a note to BlackBerry Remember – Type “memo”
  • Add a task to BlackBerry Remember – Type “todo”

To learn about a feature on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone or troubleshoot an issue, there are several great options available to help. Visit for access to product manuals, how-to demos, tips and tricks, YouTube videos, support forums, knowledge base articles, Twitter support, and contact information for your region.

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  • len

    How do I set flag and a reminder date and time to read later for a received e mail on my Q10?

  • amanda


  • Dot

    Some awesome help here,,, my main problem is I can’t find my speed dials. I use them a lot especially when I am driving.. not putting under favourites. 2. How do I link a bbm contact with a phone contact, and the same problem with a fb contact to a phone contact. Can someone please help me
    Thank you Dot

  • abdullahi kulmiye


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  • http://ollwebsite abdullahi kulmiye

    I am using blackberry,so I had good work for my blackberry.

  • manish kumar

    I want know something about 9220

  • http://www.facebookcom amol athawale

    i like bbm

  • razvan

    Please make keypress speed dial available from the home screen. This is the only way to use it as with the old 9900.

  • ockley chali

    This is good. I am imprest. Are there suchlike update for BB 9780 ???

  • Najeeb

    Thanks for the cheat sheet. But one thing I found worrisome is every time I download blackberry link in order to sync my stuff with PC it keeps telling me I should ask the developers for the right software. I am using Windows 8 and x86 bit OS

  • james matias

    I love bbm but for now I m using bbm8520 and also I have bbm9300.

  • paul mondelus gregory

    Black berry is my life

  • fabjayz


  • http://- pra

    Nice gadget. I want blackberry Q10

  • Peter Cosgrove

    Wow. Love the instant action feature. Due to using Macs I reluctantly got an iPhone 5 as it syncs Calendar and Taks with Mac and BBS don’t! Back to BlackBerry with the Q10 which I think is an outstanding device. Why don’t people get this?

  • Bruce

    How do I backspace to rectify a previous spelling mistake when composing an sms if I don’t wish to delete what’s already written. I know about the “circle” but it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact spot to rectify. Any suggestions please?

  • Peter

    Great! To improve this great time saver, I would like to add the due date for tasks while using instant action. I saw this at and loved it alot!

  • Lisa Rowe

    I have just bought a BlackBerryQ5 and when I delete an email it automatically deletes on my Laptop. I am told nothing can be done to stop it, and as I receive so many emails I am very upset I can not delete them without them being deleted on my Laptop. Can you olease help me as I have tried tweeting BlackBerry help without getting a reply. Thank you

  • andrew1953

    You can also use voice if you can’t remember the number.

  • http://facebook licence israel

    Awwwwww this is really lovely Pls keep updating me on a new lesson. Thanks!

  • adetomi

    Helpful, thanks loads.

  • ModestSAM

    BlackBerry is the most backward telecommunication company I have ever heard of, I mean, why would I have the latest phone, with reduced features? It’s like Having a Windows XP not compatible with Windows 98, and less functionality, it just doesn’t add up.
    I can’t change the name of a picture if I don’t name it right after snapping, I can’t copy my friends profile messages, can’t open files which opened on my 9790, lost half of my contacts btw d phone swaps, …
    Pls, if any1 wants to buy my Q10, pls send me a mail, I think iphone 5, Nokia Lumia and Samsung S4 are looking good right now.
    Besides, there’s no special thing that a BlackBerry can do, that other fones can not, no creativity in technology, just changed designs and think that’s enough, well it isn’t.

  • ModestSAM

    A 1 month old phone is already hanging, so much for improved OS.

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