Five Tip Friday – BlackBerry Q10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Five Tip Friday

FTF-Q10-KB_intro 1. Home Screen Shortcuts

You can quickly perform a number of tasks when you type certain commands on the home screen on your BlackBerry Q10. For example, some of the shortcuts you can use are:

  • Make a call – Type “call contacts name” or “call phone number
  • Send an email – Type “email contacts name” or “email email address
  • Send a text message – Type “text contacts name” or “text phone number
  • Start a BBM chat – Type “BBM contacts name
  • Update your Facebook status – Type “Facebook status update
  • Post a tweet – Type “tweet tweet
  • Post a LinkedIn update – Type “LinkedIn status update
  • Add a note to BlackBerry Remember – Type “note note details
  • Add a task to BlackBerry Remember – Type “task task details


To learn more shortcuts, check out the Home screen shortcuts section within the BlackBerry Q10 user guide or open the Help app and search for “Home screen shortcuts.”

2. Easily insert symbols such as ® and ™

Looking to insert some symbols? All you need to do is press and hold a key at which point a dialog will appear with symbols. For example, holding R will display an option to select the registered mark, ®, along the bottom of the screen.


3. Hold 0 for Voice Control

The Voice Control app can make multitasking easier by allowing you to perform a variety of actions and tasks with your voice. To use Voice Control, you can open the Voice Control app, press and hold the Mute key or, my preferred method, press and hold 0.


To learn more, when Voice Control is open tap on the “i” that appears next to “What would you like to do?” and you’ll be able to review a list of the various actions with examples of how to use them.

4. Customize your Automated Assistance Options

Make sure you review the Prediction and Correction options that can be found within the Language and Input menu. Within this screen you’ll be able to customize several options that can help you type faster. For example, you can turn on Prediction Display which will cause your device to suggest words as you type. To try this feature out, complete the steps below and make sure you review the Help app to learn more about these options if needed.

  • While viewing your Home screen, tap Settings
  • Tap Language and Input followed by Prediction and Correction
  • Turn on Show Predictions

5. Text Selection and Cut, Copy and Paste To help manage text, here are a few important things you should know!

  • Cursor Indicator – Drag the cursor, or tap left, right, up or down on the cursor itself to move it to a specific location.
  • Selecting Text – Touch and hold the text, then move the cursor indicators to change your selection.
  • Copying Text – Tap and hold the highlighted text and select Copy
  • Cutting Text – Tap and hold the highlighted text and select Cut
  • Pasting Text – Touch and hold where you want the text and select Paste

Got a question or tip? Leave a comment and let me know!

To learn about a feature on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone or troubleshoot an issue, there are several great options available to help. Visit for access to product manuals, how-to demos, tips and tricks, YouTube videos, support forums, knowledge base articles, Twitter support, and contact information for your region.

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  • sipho

    I wonder blackberry phones are not made easy, I have a z10 and it has lots of problems. I have even sent it to a specialist but still I’m not enjoying it. Thanks to blackberry phones.

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  • John

    How to input Chinese character for Q10?

  • vusi

    I would like to ask, does this phone has usb slot where I can attach my memory stick?

  • John McMahon

    So many things I like about the z10. The browser is the fastest of all the phones out their. The peeling back to get to a function. More and more and well done BlackBerry.
    But I’ve some negatives
    The keyboard specifically : the little circle that deletes a letter. Get rid of it. Idiotic and annoying. The old bold from 2000 is better than this. The full stop button by the the next button, not good. While texting it’ll send the note. I know all the key boards are this way. We’re talking BlackBerry here. Now to emailing
    My old address had issues with this z10. Weird how my emails only partly received. Some read from top to bottom rather than left to right i changed to Gmail no problems after. Optimum was the problem server. They were of no Qhelp and blamed the phone. Nothing wrong with my device
    I’m sorry I didn’t wait for the q 10. The real keyboard is much better, but I’ll survive the learning curve
    On another Point. I got an otter box defender case for my BlackBerry. Terrible clip in design and protective screen only does more damage. I’m a carpenter. So dust and grit got in behind the screen, made it difficult to touch operate
    So off came the plastic. Lost my phone from the holster many times. Fell several times as I got out of my truck. Really an awful product for its purpose. The old otter box was a much design for the BlackBerry Bold. Don’t reinvent the wheel here. BlackBerry get this dealt with and look out I phone

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  • Kate

    On my old “Torch” I could add my text message contacts in together with my bbm contacts on the bbm contacts list screen.
    How do I do this on Q10?

  • Nicky R

    Thanks for your guidance. I have BBQ10 and find it extremely difficult to copy an unsaved number from a received text i.e the sender.

    When you hold down on the number, there is no option to copy it. I have to save it, and in edit mode I can copy it- kinda backwards!

    Any help would be v welcome!!

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    Me gusta

  • Jonathan Sondow

    Thanks, Navin Kadambi, for a clear solution! Why didn’t BlackBerry say that?

  • Sangeeta Lalit

    does it have a virtual keyboard?

  • Hugo

    I cannot copy text from web pages. How can I do this please? Also when I touch text it does not always highlight. How do I get rthe taskbar on the right side of the screen to open? Thanks

  • tauron b

    Heather, thanks for your help. I actually found the help topic this morning. I’m really enjoying my Q10 so far. I have 1 more question though. For some odd reason, I can get my last email address to show up in my blackberry hub, there will be an icon on the lock screen showing that I have a new email, but then I have to specifically find the email folder and open it to view the new message. I’m can’t seem to figure out why it’s not showing in hub. Any ideas? Thanks

  • tauron b

    Wait!!!! Found it in hub management! Thanks

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  • robi


    Thank you for all answers.
    On BB9900 in Contact list there was phone numbers marked with numbers 1 and 2, like Work1, Work2, Mobile1, Mobile2… Thanks to that features I always now what number is primary and which is secondary. On Q10 You can have Mobile field as much as you like, and of course you can not now which number is primary. Can I change this somewhere in settings?

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    Five Tip Friday – BlackBerry Q10 Keyboard Shortcuts | Inside BlackBerry Help Blog

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