How to set up an email signature using a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone


To set your email signature while using a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, complete the following steps:

  1. While viewing the BlackBerry Hub, tap the action key

  3. Tap Settings followed by Email Accounts
  4. Tap an email account, set Auto Signature to On and enter your desired signature

  6. When finished, tap Back to save your changes

Tip: When you are finished entering your signature, to hide the keyboard, tap and hold the space key or using two fingers, swipe down from the top of the keyboard.

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  • levy

    Thanks for this helpful tip. I have a question though. How do I transfer a file from z10 to curve ang playbook? I can transfer files from curve to z10 but not from z10 to curve and playbook. Please help. Thanks.

  • zolani

    Why cant I use my upload my company email signature on my z10? I can do it on the iphone

  • Douglas Wasserman

    This was helpful the instructions in the phone were not as clear.

  • Nancy Janitz

    I have a BB BOLD 9650 & Have been considering a BBZ10! I was just waiting to hear user reviews and how BB “RIM” Change Over Would Affect Service?! I had an “ANDROID PDF” But; Due “PRIVACY VIOLATIONS & MORE “GOOGLE ABUSE”! Which Led To “FEDERAL LITIGATION WITH FTC INVOLVED! Which IS REASON I WENT BACK TO A bB DEVICE! I CAN NOT OWN ANY “GOOGLE DEVICE”!

  • thokozile


  • suradal yosodipuro

    My email address wiii publlished help me

  • Colds and catarrh

    Colds and catarrh

    How to set up an email signature using a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone | Inside BlackBerry Help Blog

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