“Error 523”, “App Error 523”, or “JVM 523” appears on the BlackBerry smartphone


Today I’d like to talk about a system error that a friend of mine recently encountered, and how they got their BlackBerry® smartphone up and running again in no time! The error in question is when the BlackBerry smartphone displays a solid white screen with the message ‘JVM 523’ displayed. This error may also be displayed as ‘Error 523’ or ‘App Error 523’ depending on which type of BlackBerry smartphone you are using.

Here’s an overview of what this error means, and more importantly, what to do if you encounter it.

What does it mean?

The first thing you might be wondering is what does ‘JVM 523’ mean? Simply put, it means the BlackBerry smartphone encountered a Java™ Virtual Machine (JVM) application related problem and is unable to continue running. As mentioned earlier, if this error occurs, the BlackBerry smartphone will display a solid white screen with a small message stating ‘JVM 523’ on the screen.

Troubleshooting this error

If you encounter this error, the first thing you should do is perform a hard reset of your BlackBerry smartphone. Depending on what occurs after the reset, one of the following options will be applicable.

The BlackBerry smartphone restarts successfully

If the device has restarted successfully and no longer displays the error, I recommend performing a backup of your BlackBerry smartphone using BlackBerry® Desktop Software. For information on how to perform a backup, click on one of the links below depending on which type of computer you have.

Tip: In case you don’t have BlackBerry Desktop Software installed, click here for the PC version, or click here for the Mac version.

After performing a backup, continue using your BlackBerry smartphone as per normal. In the event you encounter the same error again in the future, please complete the steps below to perform a web-based BlackBerry device software update.

The BlackBerry smartphone does not restart successfully

In the event the BlackBerry smartphone still shows the ‘JVM 523’ error message after performing a hard reset, the next step is to verify you are using the most current version of BlackBerry Device Software. You can do this by performing a web-based BlackBerry Device Software update that will ensure you are using the most recent version of BlackBerry Device Software.

Note: If you haven’t made a backup before encountering this error and performing a hard reset didn’t resolve the issue, you may not be able to back up your BlackBerry smartphone. If this is the case, hopefully you were using BlackBerry® Protect, which will allow you to restore most of your important information when the BlackBerry smartphone has been recovered successfully. To learn more about restoring information if your BlackBerry smartphone is on a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, please contact your BlackBerry administrator.

Performing a Web-Based BlackBerry Device Software Update

1. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer using a USB connection.
2. On the computer, navigate to the BlackBerry Device Software updates website.

  • Tip: To learn more about web-based BlackBerry Device Software updates, click here.

3. Click “Check for Updates”.

  • Tip: If you are having difficulty getting the BlackBerry smartphone detected by your computer, please review KB10144 in the BlackBerry Knowledge Base, which contains information on how to force the detection of a BlackBerry smartphone using Application Loader.

4. If the Application Loader tool is not installed on the computer, complete the following steps:

  • In the File Download – Security Warning dialog box, click “Run”.
  • In the Internet Explorer – Security Warning dialog box, click “Run”.
  • When prompted, restart the computer.
  • On the computer, navigate to the BlackBerry Device Software updates website.

5. Click “Check for Updates”.

  • If you have a password set on your BlackBerry smartphone, type the password in the Unlock BlackBerry Device dialog box.

6. Click “OK”.
7. At this point, you have two options. If there is a newer version of BlackBerry Device Software available, click “Get update”. If a new version is not available please reload the most BlackBerry Device Software that’s displayed. To do this, click “View other versions” and select “Current Version” followed by clicking “Install”.

If the error message persists, or if the BlackBerry smartphone is already running the most current version of BlackBerry Device Software and reloading the device software previously did not resolve the issue, further investigation might be required.

To help further diagnose the cause, contact your wireless service provider or BlackBerry® Technical Support Services for further review and support. To help them assist you, a few important details you should have ready when you contact them are listed below.

Other Important Information

In the event that you encounter this issue again on the same BlackBerry smartphone (and updating or reloading your BlackBerry Device Software did not resolve the issue), you should contact your wireless service provider or BlackBerry® Technical Support Services for support while the error is displayed.

If possible, do not reset the smartphone or attempt to reload the BlackBerry Device Software until enough information is captured for a full investigation into the cause of the error.

To assist with diagnosing these types of issues, try to obtain as many of the following details as possible before contacting support:

  • What is the frequency of the issue?
  • Is the issue easily reproduced or does it occur at random?
  • If the issue is able to be reproduced, make note of the steps needed to reproduce the issue.
  • Is there a specific application or function being used when the issue occurs?
  • Have you experienced any issues with the BlackBerry smartphone as a result of the error message, such as being unable to use the browser?
  • Have you recently updated the BlackBerry Device Software or other applications?
  • When was the last backup of the data on the BlackBerry smartphone performed?

Got a question about your BlackBerry smartphone? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  • shiraz

    Hi iv tried rebootn in safe mood n my 8520 does bt error 523 stil comes up, iv tried connecting 2 pc 2 reset my fone bt it wnt allow it as error 523 doesn’t allow me 2 accpt the connection or allow me 2 do any thing on my fone , iv tried everythng, plz help me !

  • http://www.fmgold.com philips femmy julius

    i love u all

  • Marshal Kusema

    I woke up to find my bberry 8520 off this morning. On switching it on it displayed that ‘error 523-reset’ message. Not knowing how to reset I restarted by pressing “alt-shift-del” for about 20 mins it didn’t light up & then it did but now its freezing & is being generally slow to open things (eg Opera mini, games) it now takes unusually long displaying that small rotating black clock icon .
    — even as I’m writing now that clock icon keeps coming & going. Is there something I can do?

  • Raihan

    today i suddenly see my phone white screen with apps error 523 Reset. i click many times reset. but its not work . i connect my phone with blackberry desktop manager….and i try to update software.but update not properly . what can i do. plz help me

  • Vernon

    i got a BB8520 and for some reason I’ve been having this problem Wies my phone fails to boot up 100%. I’ve use all the programs but it just fails to connect to Jvm. My phone does.nt wane switch on so apploader doesn’t work with my phone please what can i do just to get it connected when it comes to That part where it says connecting to Jvm part. What I’m saying Is That my phoen can’t get connected to finish it update still only a black screen That stuck on boot up.



  • yoliswa

    I lately get a sign on my bb,its a blue A type of a thing,and sometimes a green sign.just wonder what it is.do I need to install software or what?and how?

  • george

    I am seeing red triangular symbol on the screen what does that mean

  • Sandra

    I seriously need your help. My blackberry phone is a 9860. Everytime I try to download the blackberry world, I’m unable to instead I get this message. Error: Invalid manifest or application descriptor
    The “MIDlet- Name” attribute is missing.
    Please what do I do?

  • Poko

    Error 523 still continue and the phone freezes

  • deon swartz

    Hi,I have a problem with my BB9380,my phonebook don’t show my contacts,I did copy all my simbook entries but thers still no entries on my phonebook besides the sim entries,wat can I do to make it work again please.

  • http://lcromwell.wordpress.com lcromwell

    I keep having my 9850 freeze at least once a day. It usually happens opening a random email. I turn off the phone then turn it back on and get this:
    Uncaught exception:Application net_rim_bb messaging_app(433) is not responding;process terminated

  • Abdulak474

    I will like 2 be receiving updates

  • shashika

    I have the 523 error on my blackberry.please let me know if there is any way i can save my information on the fone.

  • xnl

    My blackberry 9700 do hang what can I do to stop it from hanging again?

  • http://lcromwell.wordpress.com lcromwell

    Can anyone tell me where to go to see if any, if not all my apps will be available for the Z10?

  • Donald

    I am using BB8520 which a friend gave to me. My network provider is Vodacom S.A. I m on BIS, which I activate it monthly.

    1. When I try to download Whatsapp messenger via BB App World, it keeps on saying ‘verifying your number, please wait’, but it ends up opening.

    2. I am not receiving text messages. When I reboot the phone by removing the battery I receive this messages: java lang error, nullpoint error and application registry failed.

    Please advice on what must I do.

  • http://89designz.wordpress.com 89designz

    I’ve got a 9360 . I’m on contract with vodacom and I’ve had the phone since november 2012.. I used the phone for 3 days when it ended up giving me the above error, I then sent the phone in for repairs and it returned in january! After one day of use the phone gave me the same problem, I have since then not touched the phone because I tried calling head office and got NO HELP at all! I’m very dissapointed!! 4 weeks ago I decided to send in the phone again as I’m paying R400 a month for a stupid phone which I can not use! I got it back today and as I’m busy loading app world etc I reboot only to find a error AGAIN, and the device restarts constantly once again. This will now be my 3rd attempt in sending in the phone. Please note that I require some assistance or for Blackberry to replace the device with a proper working one. One can only take so much, I’m wasting my money on something that does not work!

    Please respond asap
    Thank you!

  • http://www.ibrahimhafsat88@yahoo.com ibrahim hafsat

    I am be able to start my blackberry curve 3, the application error 523 appeared, pls help me

  • Gusmao Alexandre Raiva

    Oque posso fazer para curijir o app error 523 do telefone blackberry corve 8520?

  • hasha aisha

    It doesnt show

  • Zainab Megahed

    I would like to know how to access the pictures stored in the device,I tried everything,please help me blackberry 9300 curve

  • Robert

    This was the error received when attempting to update to latest software for Torch 9850. After multiple attempts Verizon called it a fatal error and replaced my Torch with a Z 10. I’m enjoying their solution!

  • mvuseni mbatha

    My phone shows an App Error 523 blackberry

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