How to view YouTube videos on your BlackBerry


Watch YouTube on BlackBerry

Have you ever wondered how to view YouTube® videos on your BlackBerry® smartphone while you are on the go? Let’s take a look at how you would go about viewing a YouTube video on your device and the requirements that are necessary in order for you to view these videos using the Mobile Network.

1. The first step is making sure you have an active data plan on your BlackBerry smartphone and that the signal in the top right corner of your device shows as any of the following: 3G, GPRS, EDGE, or 1XEV.

Watch YouTube on BlackBerry

2. Next, check to see if you have a strong enough signal strength that supports sending and receiving data. Anything lower than “-95dbm” is not a stable connection. (If you’re in a basement or a rural area, for example, you may have a hard time establishing a stable connection.) This can be found in the following menu:
– BlackBerry® Device Software 4.x & 5.x: Options >Status
– BlackBerry® 6: Options -> Device – > Device and Status Information.

Watch YouTube on BlackBerry

3. Open the Browser on your BlackBerry smartphone and go to the YouTube mobile website. If you are using BlackBerry 6, you can also click on the YouTube icon and select Go to YouTube when prompted to view the mobile YouTube website.

Watch YouTube on BlackBerry

4. Search for the video you wish to view and then click on the image of the video to open it.

5. You will be prompted with the following notice about additional charges you may incur depending on the type of a data plan that you have with your wireless service provider. If you agree, select OK to load the video. If you are unsure or have any questions about your data plan, please contact your wireless service provider.

Watch YouTube on BlackBerry

6. The media player will then open on the BlackBerry smartphone and the video will start playing.

7. To close out of the media player, press the menu key and select close.

Watch YouTube on BlackBerry

Let us know what you think, and if you have any questions, let us know! Don’t forget to the visit the BlackBerry Support Forums and say hi to @BlackBerryHelp on Twitter®.

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Corey started at Research In Motion® (RIM) in 2007 and is now part of Social Media Support team. Corey’s main focus is to support end users on the Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry® Community Support Forums and more to come!) When not in the office, you can see him being an intensive gamer, cheering on his favorite hockey team (San Jose Sharks) or traveling around the world.

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  • Michel Tambwe

    I try to watch any video in YouTube, it still not working, I’m living in Democratic Republic of Congo, is it due to my location? I saw the conditions to watch YouTube video but still now I’m not able to watch YouTube video, I got the following message: “Content not available. Server blocked or unresponsive.”

  • N G AMAKA1

    I which to say that I joy BB very I go,my phone that love

  • sefakor

    I find the YouTube Mobile extremely useful!

  • umar inamdar

    I am not able to play youtube videos on my bb 8520 even when I an active data plan with full network. Videos are played only I have balance, and it is balance getting deducted.

  • Mojalefa

    Thank you for been so help full

  • ashraf

    I hav blackberry 9780 bold os 6. Its can not open facebook and utube for browser ? Why? I tried to so many times. Nothing to happent pls help me

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  • olivia nkiru

    I used to watch you tube video but now I can’t they tell me. the adress cannot be find check the address if its valid.what do I do?

  • shahnavaz

    Plz send me apn settings of blackberry 9860 touch


    Video. Photo & audio not workÍng for ýoutube

  • andi

    I didn’t understund the number 2. It is complicated.

  • http://elnecio12 juan pablo

    Lo mas duro. Es que e youtube es bueno pero no se pone el la blackberry ok

  • ebuka

    My blackberry iS always in -70 dhm wat cAn I do to improve it to watch youtube vedios pleas tell me by pin:26d90a85

  • atul seth

    Hi I am using blackberry tourch 9800 and I am unable to login youtube can u please help me out

  • nitu

    Hi. I hv done all steps but the moment I click on video to see it, it says error.

  • abhinav

    Sir,I am unable to play videos in my blackberry torch!
    It shows an error while playing videos ..
    “Cannot find web address! Verify the web address!”
    What should I do now? Please help

  • taiwo

    Have follow all the followings rules you gave me but it still write check the browser web address. Pls I need a reply on this. Thanks

  • Oki Aditia

    Why i can’t watching videos on youtube, ? I use Blackberry 6 ( blackberry Tour ), When i go to the website ( youtube ) and play the video itS cant? What you tell me about this ?

  • angel

    Pls I always get: cannot find web address, verify that web address is valid. I use bold 6 and I used it before to watch. I don’t know where this new development comes from. Tnx

  • rblinks

    Whenever I want to watch a video on youtube,it always state that error playing and verify the website.pls how do I fix this?

  • michael akose

    Pls, my phone meets all the requirement that was listed, still it tells me that an error occurred … What do I do?

  • nwani orire

    Whenever I try to watch a video it shows ‘video not found, please check if address is valid’. Bt dis same videos play on other phones

  • mollie

    I have a blackberry9380 and my youtube don’t work it says ‘contents not available. Serve is blocked or unresponsive’ can you please tell me how I could make it work

  • Shopno mirza

    Get I wach vedio software

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