How to back up and restore your BlackBerry using BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac


Back up and restore BlackBerry smartphone

Have you ever wondered how you can save your BlackBerry® smartphone data to your Mac®? Well, wonder no more! BlackBerry® Desktop Software for Mac will quickly and easily save your information (even media files!) to your Mac. It never hurts to be prepared for those “what if” situations! Let’s take a peek at how you would go about creating an automatic backup, restoring a previous backup file and how to backup/synchronize any media that’s on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Let’s start by connecting your BlackBerry smartphone to your Mac using a USB cable. To enable automatic back up, select Device Options, then Back up. Here, you can schedule your Mac to back up your BlackBerry smartphone whenever it is connected on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or even every time you connect your BlackBerry smartphone. Now that’s easy!

Back up and restore BlackBerry smartphone

In addition to automatic backups, you can also perform a manual backup. To do this, open BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac and click on the Backup icon that appears in the top right corner.

Back up and restore BlackBerry smartphone

You can then back up all of your data, or selected data such as your contacts or messages. You can also protect the backup file by adding encryption to it, which then requires a password to open the backup file contents. If you opt to encrypt the backup file, pick a password that you won’t forget, as the restore process does not provide any password hints.

Back up and restore BlackBerry smartphone

Back up times can vary, depending on how much data is on the BlackBerry smartphone, so sit back and relax while the BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac does the work for you!

What about media files? Let’s revisit the Summary screen, and this time, select Import Media.

Back up and restore BlackBerry smartphone

Depending on how large your media card is, you can opt to delete the media from your BlackBerry smartphone after the import process by checking off the box in options.

Now, what if you lost your BlackBerry smartphone and need the information from that device for your new replacement? BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac can come to the rescue!

On the summary page, we are going to select Restore from the top right corner. A menu will pop allowing us to select the file we want to restore. If the backup file was encrypted, the password will have to be entered in order to restore it. Similar to the backup process, you can select which data you want to restore to your BlackBerry smartphone.

Back up and restore BlackBerry smartphone

Restoring Media works a bit differently, as it is synchronized to your BlackBerry smartphone. On the righthand side of BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac, select Music, Pictures and Videos.
Within Music, you can select by artists, playlists or genres, and even fill your media card with random songs from your library if you want.

Back up and restore BlackBerry smartphone

With your Pictures, you can transfer them all from your library, or specific ones by events or last import.

Back up and restore BlackBerry smartphone

In the Videos menu, you can select individual ones, or all of them.

Back up and restore BlackBerry smartphone

When you are ready, click on the green sync arrows in the corner, and when it’s done synchronizing, your new BlackBerry smartphone will be just like your old one – at least data-wise!

Tip: If you don’t plan on using your old BlackBerry smartphone, you should consider performing a security wipe to remove any personal information before giving it to someone else. Check out the following post for an overview how to perform a security wipe – What is a security wipe and when should I use it?

If you have any questions about this feature, please leave a comment on this post or visit the BlackBerry Support Forums! Don’t forget to say hi on Twitter to @BlackBerryHelp.

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