How to add and remove applications using BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC


Add and remove BlackBerry smartphone apps

BlackBerry® Desktop Software for PC and Mac is a quick way to install and update applications, or even remove a number of unused applications, and it can be done with the click of a button. Today I’d like to show you just how easy it is to accomplish any of these tasks using BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC. For information on how to do this using BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac®, visit the BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac website where you can find the user guide.

Tip: In addition to BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC and Mac, you can also install, update and remove applications on your BlackBerry smartphone using BlackBerry App World. To learn more, visit the BlackBerry App World™ website.

Before we start, whenever you are modifying your BlackBerry Device Software, RIM recommends making a backup of your BlackBerry smartphone data using BlackBerry Desktop Software first. To learn how to make a backup file, view the BlackBerry Desktop Software user guide.

With that being said, let’s get started!

First, connect your BlackBerry® smartphone to your desktop computer via USB cable, which will then connect to BlackBerry Desktop Software. If your BlackBerry smartphone has a password, you will be prompted to enter it.

After connecting your BlackBerry smartphone, select Applications on the left hand side. BlackBerry Desktop Software will connect to your device to list the software installed. It can take several minutes to connect, so be patient!

Add and remove BlackBerry smartphone apps

Once connected, you will see the software and application list. You will note some of the applications are grayed out. This means that they are required and can’t be manually selected for removal. Those that have the + or X icon are available for installation or removal.

To add an application, simply select the + symbol, and it will change to green to show that it will be added. If you are removing an application, select the X and it will turn red to show that it will be removed.

Add and remove BlackBerry smartphone apps

When you have the desired applications selected for addition or removal, select Apply and your BlackBerry smartphone will be updated.

Add and remove BlackBerry smartphone apps

Once the process is complete, your device will reboot itself, and upon powering back up, you will be updated and ready to go. It’s that easy!

If you have any questions about this feature, please leave a comment on this post or visit the BlackBerry Support Forums!

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  • Seun ladele

    I can’t download from blackberry app world, keeps giving errors. Wat do I do?

  • Kasha

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  • tony

    I tried to do that but some they can’t be restored because I didn’t have a backup

  • Chantell

    I recently deleted my email setup app by accident.😦
    Some Google, and I found a post where you can re-download the app:
    Just substitute your carrier in the section, ie for Vodacom customers it will be
    Note the URL is case sensitive.
    Alternatively, you can update your OS via the website but a PC with InterNet access is required. The process from start to finish, takes about 2hrs.

  • Sarfraz ahmad

    Hy sir
    I m sarfraz ahmad from Pakistan
    I m user of BB8520 Sir I upgrade my BB 5.0.1106 (1831) successfully. After reboot my BB there was no game brickbreacker game in my BB plz tell me how I can install this game in my BB I love to play this game kindly tell me about this via my mail

  • thomas bikosi

    How do I reinstall brick breaker using my mobile phone since I don’t have a desktop or a laptop

  • mike

    How you I reinstall my office application?

  • clint dreyer

    When updating or adding apps via pc should it be connected to the internet


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