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One of the many great things about a BlackBerry® smartphone is that you can set up individual ringtones for the various incoming messages or tasks (email, IM, and other alerts) as well as custom ringtones for individuals as discussed in the previous post on Changing Your Ringtone: The Basics.  This can help you to set priorities to your daily tasks by notifying you that you have a new e-mail message rather than a Facebook alert, or a meeting coming up and not an IM.

How to Personalize your Ringtones by Task
(Note: this is based on BlackBerry®  BoldTM smartphone)

Your BlackBerry comes with some preset Sound Profiles – Vibrate, Quiet, Normal etc.  However, you can change the settings within any of these to fit your preferences, or set up a new profile.

  • Find the Sound Profile Icon, open and find the “Advanced” option to make changes.
  • Choose a profile that you would like to edit – for example “Normal”- or click on the BlackBerry menu button and choose “New Profile”.
  • A page with a list of alerts, types of messages, and application or tasks that use ringtones will be shown on this page.  You can make changes to any of these.
  • Choose one task/alert/message (for example BlackBerry Messenger Message) by clicking on it.

There are a variety of settings that you can adjust, as well as you can have different settings for in and out of your holster (BlackBerry case).  To make changes to a particular setting:

  • Scroll down to the item you want to change.
  • Click the BlackBerry Menu button, choose “Change Option”.
  • Highlight your setting and select.

Note: If you are changing the ringtone or volume you will hear the ringtones as you scroll over the options.

When you have made all the changes you want to make to Ring Tone, Volume, Number of Beeps, Repeat Notification and Number of Vibrations click once more on the BlackBerry Menu and choose “Save”.  You can do this for any of the items on the profile.  In fact, you could  potentially have a different ring tone for each type of message, calendar alert etc.  Personally, I have set my IM clients with one ringtone, my personal e-mail with another, and work e-mail with a third variation.

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