What's New in BlackBerry UEM 12.16

We’ve just released the latest update to BlackBerry UEM and BlackBerry UEM Cloud. Among the upgrades are the ability to share iPad devices, and improvements to Android and iOS device management.

Management console

  • Android app licenses: The Android app license page has been removed from the UEM management console. (ENRQ-3366)
  • Google Play Store layout: You must use the Organize Apps functionality in Google Play iFrame to manage your Google Play Store layout. You can no longer use the Category drop-down list in the app details to manage your Google Play Store layout.
  • VPN profile: You specify an associated proxy profile when you select “IKEv2 Always On” in a VPN profile.
  • Purebred app: When you use the new Purebred app version 2.1 (8), which must be submitted through the Custom App Distribution mechanism, you must update the uniform type identifiers (UTI) that contain underscores (‘_’) to dashes (‘-‘) for the UEM Client app policy. For example, use;;; Users may need to reactivate the new Purebred app on their device. 
  • Cryptographic tokens for iOS devices: BlackBerry UEM now supports the CryptoTokenKit framework for iOS devices so that Dynamics apps can access cryptographic tokens from PKI apps (such as Purebred). Support for cryptographic tokens is enabled when you select the “Native keystore” connection option and the iOS platform in the user credential profile. This feature requires BlackBerry UEM 12.16 and apps that use BlackBerry Dynamics SDK 10.2 or later. 
  • User credential profiles: In user credential profiles that use native keystore connections, you can now specify the device OS platforms that you want the profile to apply to.


Shared iPads: iPad devices can now be shared between multiple users. When users sign in with a Managed Apple ID their data loads, and the user then has access to their own email accounts, files, iCloud Photo Library, app data, and more. 


Android software releases: In the device SR requirements profile, you can now apply Android OS updates to Samsung devices.

BlackBerry Dynamics profile: A new setting was added to the BlackBerry Dynamics profile that allows you to specify whether Android device users can use custom keyboards with BlackBerry Dynamics apps.

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