Take Advantage of Hidden Features of BlackBerry Work

TIPS & TRICKS / 09.08.17 / Diana Levan

With BlackBerry Work, you have embraced mobility and taken enterprise productivity to the next level—enabling users to work the way they want to, anytime and anywhere.

Your users are probably using the BlackBerry Work application to stay productive on their corporate email, calendar, contacts, and documents—but did you know that your users can go beyond these basic features?

Many users don’t know about these hidden capabilities, including:

  • Running a presentation straight from the device
  • Converting an email into a task
  • Setting default customized fonts for emails
  • Customizing notifications
  • Changing the Launcher color
  • And many more

Help your users take advantage of all these features that BlackBerry Work has to offer—taking them from regular mobile users to BlackBerry Work power users.

Encourage your users to visit BlackBerry Work Tips and Tricks for both iOS and Android to discover more ways to work better and faster.

In addition, your IT department can add the BlackBerry Work Tips page as a web link to the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher for users, so they can conveniently access these BlackBerry Work tips with a single tap.

Diana Levan

About Diana Levan

Diana Levan is a Product Marketing Specialist at BlackBerry.