Help Your Customers Master BlackBerry’s Portfolio with Our Open Training Sessions

At BlackBerry, we’re committed to providing quality support to our technical audiences. A large part of that involves helping our customers master our solutions. To that end, we’re pleased to announce that in the coming months, our Authorized Training Partners will be hosting a series of open sessions to provide customers with the knowledge to plan, deploy, and manage BES12 and BlackBerry UEM.

Available in both public and virtual format, the sessions can be found on the BlackBerry Learnwebsite. Created for customers, BlackBerry Learn offers multiple courses, services, and accreditation programs tied to each of our solutions. In addition to BES12 and BlackBerry UEM, we also offer learning materials for BlackBerry WorkspacesAtHocBlackBerry DynamicsBlackBerry 2FA, and BlackBerry Enterprise Identity.

In addition to the open sessions, we’re also planning something big – a special three-day BlackBerry UEM training. Hosted in Las Vegas, the training will focus on some of BlackBerry UEM’s new and exciting features, teaching you everything you need to know about safeguarding your endpoints with BlackBerry. Stay tuned for further details, or contact our team for more information.

If you want to sign up for one of our open sessions, check out this link to view the schedule of what’s currently available. And if you or your customers want to learn more about our course offerings or technical accreditation programs, go here.

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