What’s new in BlackBerry UEM Cloud Part 1

We’ve just released the latest update to BlackBerry UEM Cloud. Among the many upgrades in UEM that will improve your ability to manage mobile devices in the enterprise, we’ve updated the branding and added new features, such as support for BlackBerry services, deployment, the management console, and IBM Notes Traveler.

Read on below to learn more about those new updates, then click over to our other blog post to learn what BlackBerry UEM Cloud adds for device activation, as well as Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices.


BES12 Cloud is now BlackBerry UEM Cloud.

Support for BlackBerry services

BlackBerry UEM Cloud supports BlackBerry Enterprise Identity, BlackBerry 2FA and BlackBerry Workspaces services.

Legal agreement

When administrators log in to BlackBerry UEM Cloud for the first time, and after any changes to legal agreements, they are presented with any applicable legal agreements for acceptance, such as BlackBerry SLA, BlackBerry UEM Cloud, or BlackBerry Workspaces.


Regional deployment: You can set up regional connections for enterprise connectivity features by deploying one or more BlackBerry Connectivity Node instances in a dedicated region. This is known as a server group. Each BlackBerry Connectivity Node includes BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus, the BlackBerry Gatekeeping Service, the BlackBerry Secure Gateway Service, and the BlackBerry Cloud Connector. You can associate enterprise connectivity and email profiles with a server group so that any users that are assigned those profiles use a specific regional connection to the BlackBerry Infrastructure when using BlackBerry Connectivity Node components. Deploying more than one BlackBerry Connectivity Node in a server group also allows for high availability and load balancing. You can deploy a maximum of three BlackBerry Connectivity Node instances.

Management console

  • Rate and review apps: You can specify whether users in your organization can rate and provide reviews of iOS, Android, and Windows 10 apps and see reviews provided by other users for internal custom apps or apps that are downloaded from public app storefronts.
  • Remove a Secure Work Space connection: If you have an existing Secure Work Space connection, you can remove the connection and the menu item from the management console.
  • App deployment reports: You can export app deployment reports to an .html file from the Apps screen in the management console. The report includes information about apps deployed by BlackBerry UEM Cloud and the users that have installed the apps on their devices.

IBM Notes Traveler

IBM Notes Traveler support: iOS devices can now connect to IBM Notes Traveler through the BlackBerry Secure Gateway Service.

For more information about these and other BlackBerry UEM Cloud features, visit the BlackBerry UEM Cloud page.

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