Watch Your Endpoints: How to Upgrade from Good Control to BlackBerry UEM – and Why You Should

Are you thinking about upgrading from Good Control to BlackBerry UEM but don’t know where to start? Look no further than our new guide to the benefits of our unified endpoint management platform! Whether you’re wondering about BlackBerry UEM’s enhanced capabilities for mobile device management (MDM) and app management-supported policies; looking for information about advanced policies, controls, and containment capabilities; or want to know what kinds of administration improvements are available, the Benefits of Upgrading from Good Control to BlackBerry UEM Reference Guide will help you find the answers that you’re looking for.

Some of the benefits of upgrading to BlackBerry UEM outlined in the reference guide include:

  • Support for more IT policies for device operating systems including iOS 10 and Android 6
  • Better app management with features like custom categories, ratings and reviews, Apple VPP, and AppConfig community support
  • More container types, such as Android for Work, Samsung KNOX Workspace, and Windows Information Protection
  • Improved administration and provisioning, like support of multiple ownership models and KNOX Mobile enrollment
  • Advanced connectivity and networking, such as per-app VPN and network usage profiles for iOS
  • Expanded compliance and integrity checking
  • Additional email, content, location, and certificates, like web content filters for iOS and location services
  • Access to BlackBerry Web Services APIs

The guide also has a FAQ section that includes answers to questions about upgrading. For example:

Is the BlackBerry UEM Client required to manage BlackBerry Dynamics devices that are activated with user privacy (BYOD)?

Answer: No, for devices that don’t need MDM, users can activate BlackBerry Dynamics apps on BlackBerry UEM using access keys.

What are the upgrade paths from Good Control to BlackBerry UEM?

Answer: You can upgrade to BlackBerry UEM from either a standalone Good Control server or from a Good Control server that is integrated with BES12.

What actions must the administrator take after the upgrade to BlackBerry UEM?

Answer: After the upgrade to BlackBerry UEM is complete, the administrator must manually initiate the synchronization between Good Control and BlackBerry UEM.

What is the experience for users during an upgrade to BlackBerry UEM?

Answer: Users experience minimal impact or downtime during an upgrade to BlackBerry UEM.
The upgrade has no impact on existing BES12 or Good Control users, and there is no need to re-enroll devices, except for when Good Control MDM is in use.

For more information like this, read the Benefits of Upgrading from Good Control to BlackBerry UEM Reference Guide and also check out the BlackBerry UEM Pre-installation and Pre-upgrade Checklist.

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