BlackBerry UEM: Flexible and Powerful Management of Your iOS Devices [Video]

HOW-TO / 03.02.17 / Angela Drysdale

In the BlackBerry Enterprise Technical Expert Series, BlackBerry experts from across the company speak on a variety of subjects to highlight key products and features across the enterprise product suite. The goal of the video series is to provide decision-makers and administrators who use our enterprise products with brief technical insights into key products, services, and features.

In our latest expert video, Frank Cotter, Vice-President of Product Management, highlights the multiple options available for managing iOS devices using BlackBerry UEM. Frank explains how BlackBerry UEM software offers the most user-friendly, flexible, and powerful solution in the market for managing iOS devices. Whether your devices are corporate liable or BYOD, BlackBerry UEM provides best-in-class device, application, and content management and the most complete and up-to-date set of advanced iOS controls.

Bottom line: BlackBerry UEM has you covered, no matter what your iOS needs are.

For further information about BlackBerry UEM, talk to your account rep or visit the official BlackBerry UEM product page.

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