Snapping great Winter pictures

PASSPORT / 11.24.16 / shivpatel1512

Since the temperature is dropping here in Waterloo, Ontario we asked our followers to share with us their best AutumnWinter themed picture they’ve taken.

Here are some of the results, as well as some tips on how they got the shot 😀

Thank you Simon for sending us this photo of a fall morning in Metro Vancouver. In case you are wondering what the -2.0 means, this is the exposure settings.

Changing the exposure on a photo allows you to make it brighter or darker. A plus (+) setting lets you make your image brighter while the minus (-) makes it darker. Try changing the exposure to increase the quality of your image for any low-light or high-contrast scenes.

Check out these two photos Will provided that he took on his Passport using HDR.

HDR, aka High Dynamic Range, takes three pictures instead of one at different exposures, followed by combining them into one photo. This can lead to some incredible pictures BUT its important to stay still when taking the picture, and ensure the object isn’t moving otherwise blurring may occur.

Hanna took this photo on her PRIV last year without using any special settings, showing us that sometimes the best pictures do not require any editing.

Thank you Carl for sharing this photo of an Autumn scene taken on your PRIV!

Thank you Atif for this great shot taken on the PRIV from the water off the coast of Pattaya.  Did you know about Geo Location? Geo location is a cool feature that uses GPS coordinates to let you see where you took a specific picture. It is a great way to revisit past experiences through photos.

For help geotagging open the Help app on your device and search for ‘Geotag’

Two other tips you’ll want to know…

Burst Shot

Another tip to take great pictures is to use the burst mode. Burst mode allows you to see the progression of photos and notice subtle changes. All you have to do hold down the camera button and the number of photos you take will appear in the bottom-left corner. Burst mode is especially useful if you want to take photos of something that is in motion.

Manual Settings (BlackBerry powered by Android smartphones only)

If you want complete control over any shot, then you should play around with manual settings. Manual settings are great because you are able to do so many things such as adjusting the shutter speed, manual focus, adjusting white balance, changing ISO sensitivity, and adjusting EV compensation of a shot. Playing around with these settings can allow you to take photos with greater detail and a personal touch.

The cold weather maybe not be something everybody looks forward to, but winter does provide opportunities to take some great pictures. Thank you everyone for your submissions and tips to take great photos.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips or questions about any of the features mentioned in this post.


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