How to monitor apps using DTEK by BlackBerry

BlackBerry has always been committed to security, and to making it easy for people to keep their personal data secure and private. In our increasingly digital world, however, it can sometimes be hard to tell when you data is being accessed.

Enter DTEK by BlackBerry, an amazing security feature that is included in BlackBerry smartphones powered by Android, the world’s most secure Android smartphones. Among the many amazing things this app does, it gives you the ability to monitor and get notified whenever a specific app or game accesses a particular item, or feature, found on my device.

For example, you can set DTEK by BlackBerry to notify you whenever a specific app accesses a feature on your device, such as your location, or camera. You can also review an apps history to see when and how often a particular feature was accessed.

Here’s a quick overview of how things work.

When opened, DTEK by BlackBerry will show your device’s current security status.
DTEK_01Monitoring apps using DTEK by BlackBerry

Just below your current security status is the Apps option that, when tapped, will show you a listing of apps you have installed on your device.  If you tap on an app within this listing you’ll be shown how many times the app has accessed any of the following items.

dtek_cam Camera
dtek_contacts Contacts
dtek_location Location
dtek_microphone Microphone
dtek_sms Text messages
dtek_videos Videos

Tip: When reviewing the Apps listing you can quickly tell if an app has accessed one of the items monitored by DTEK by reviewing the icons found below the app name. If the icon doesn’t appear, the app hasn’t accessed that particular item

By default, the Apps listing is shown alphabetically but you can sort the list by which item was accessed. For example, if I wanted to see apps that accessed my camera, while viewing the apps list, tap Permissions followed by tapping Camera for example.

Using this information I’m able to better understand just how an app on my smartphone is using these items.

If I tap on my banking app, for example, I am shown a high-level overview of how many times the app has accessed any of the items listed above. Let’s assume my location was accessed; to see in detail each time my location was requested, and where I was at the time, I can tap on Location and will be given the ability to review in detail each time my location was requested by my banking app.

 DTEK_03     DTEK_02

While viewing the detailed overview I can quickly adjust my notification settings, stop the app, view the apps info, or uninstall the app. I can also use the timeline along the bottom of my display to review in detail each time a particular item was accessed so I can better understand how the app is using my info.

Tip: To learn more about DTEK by BlackBerry check out the mobile friendly web based training course!

Receive Notifications using DTEK by BlackBerry

As mentioned earlier, you can receive a notification whenever a specific app accesses an item monitored by DTEK, such as your location.

To do this, while viewing a specific app in the DTEK app, tap dtek_bell that appears next to the app name. Within this listing, tap the switch next to the app name to enable notifications whenever the app accesses any of the items listed, or tap on a specific item that you’d like to receive notifications about.

Using the example above, I can set DTEK to notify me whenever my banking app accesses my location which will result in the following notification appearing in my notification shade. When tapped, the notification will open the DTEK app and show me a detailed overview of how the item was accessed.


Within the detailed overview I can quickly adjust my notification settings, stop the app, view the apps info, or uninstall the app. Don’t forget to use the timeline along the bottom of your display 🙂

What’s your favorite DTEK by BlackBerry feature? Leave a comment and let me know!

To learn more about PRIV or the DTEK50 by BlackBerry or troubleshoot an issue, there are several great options available to help. Visit the PRIV support page, or the DTEK50 support site for access to product documentation, how-to demos, tips and tricks, YouTube videos, support forums, knowledge base articles, Twitter support, and contact information for your region.

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