Find your PRIV or DTEK50 using Android Device Manager

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It’s a situation no one want to deal with, but many of us have experienced: losing your phone.

Maybe you left it at the restaurant you ate lunch at, or maybe you just set it down somewhere in your house, and can’t remember where. If this sounds like something you’re familiar with, you’re going to want to hear about Android Device Manager, a free service available on your PRIV and DTEK50, which can help you in these situations!

Read on for everything you need to know about this useful service!

Android Device Manager is a free service provided by Google that will allow you remotely locate, protect, and erase your device data, if needed. If Device Manager isn’t on your device already, download from the Play Store, and verify Location access is turned on. To do this, go to Settings > Location and ensure the switch in the top right is turned on.What is Android Device Manager and how do I get it?

You must add your Google account to your device as well. If you skipped this part of the PRIV or DTEK50 setup process, add it now by going to  priv_ws_gear Settings > Accounts and tapping Add Account.

One these two requirements are met, you can use Android Device Manager 😀

How do I use Android Device Manager if I’ve misplaced my PRIV or DTEK50?

ADM_Device3If you cannot locate your device, sign in to Android Device Manager on a computer by going to to, or open the Android Device Manager app on a friend’s device and sign in using your Android details.

If your friend has used Android Device Manager in the past, ask them to tap on their Google account after opening the app followed by tapping Guest.

After doing this, sign into Android Device Manager using your Google account. Provided your phone still has a network connection, whether it be over the mobile network or Wi-Fi, your device location will be shown.

Reminder: let the authorities handle retrieving a missing device if someone else has it, just to be safe. There’s a chance your phone was just found on the side of the road, but it’s still the best course of action, and the police are trained to handle this sort of situation.

You can also issue the following commands:

  • Ring – This will result in your device ringing at full volume for five minutes. To stop the ringing when you find your device, press the Power button.
  • Lock – Your current lock screen will be replaced with a password lock. You can also set a recovery message that will be shown on the lock screen, as well setting a phone number that can be called by whoever finds your device
  • Erase – This option will result in your device performing a factory reset. If your smartphone is not connected to the network when this command is issued, it will perform the factory reset as soon as it goes online. Keep in mind that using this option will also prevent you from using Android Device Manager since the device is factory reset.

To learn more about Android Device Manager click here

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