Five Tip Friday – PRIV Sound & Notification, Part 2

FIVE TIP FRIDAY / 03.18.16 / tywill1

Today’s topic, five more PRIV Sound & notification tips and tricks you’ll want to know about!

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#1 – Set your Downtime

Avoid getting woken up at 3am by using the Downtime setting to control just what notifications, or interruptions, produce a notification on your device.

For example, I set my device to allow family members to call me, and produce an audible notification on my PRIV so I don’t miss their call in case there is an emergency

  1. Go to Settings > Sound & notification > Interruptions
  2. Within Downtime set the Day, Start time, & End time
  3. Tap Interruptions allowed and select Priority only

After completing these steps your device will automatically switch your notification settings when downtime starts, and ends.


#2 – Add a shortcut to the notifications log

Did you know that one of the shortcuts provided by the BlackBerry Launcher is the ability to see your notifications log?

This is without a doubt one of my favorite shortcuts since I frequently clear my notifications and need to go back and see a notification I may have cleared before reviewing it.

  1. Tap the gs_priv_allapps All apps key
  2. Tap Shortcuts in the top right corner
  3. Tap and hold Settings shortcut
  4. Tap Notification log


#3 – Turn off notifications on a per app basis

Depending on the number of, and what apps you have installed you might be receiving a lot of notifications.

Good news, you can turn off notifications on a per app basis! This means your favorite game that produces more notifications than all of your social networking apps can stop notifying you constantly of events and activities 😉

  1. Go to Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications
  2. Tap an app and turn on the Block switch

#4 – Changing your notification sound

Changing the sound that plays whenever a new notification comes into your device is pretty easy, and there are dozens of preloaded sounds you can choose from to differentiate your device from someone else.

  1. Go to Settings > Sound & notification > Default notification ringtone
  2. Tap on the various options to find your desired notification tone
    • Optionally select None to turn off notifications sounds completely

#5 – Changing your ringtone

A great way to personalize your device is changing your ringtone to something other than the default. Best of all, you can select from dozens of preloaded ring tones, or add your own ringtone.

Should you want to use a custom ringtone, there are two very important things you need to know.

The first is that the custom ringtone must be placed in the Device memory ‘Ringtones’ folder. To do this, use a file manager app found in the Play store to move a saved ringtone to the ‘Ringtones’ folder within your device memory. You can also connect PRIV to your PC or Mac OS X and copy the ringtone to the Ringtones folder using Windows Explorer, or Finder.

The second is that when it comes time to select your custom ringtone using the steps below, it will appear in the listing along with the preloaded ringtones. The key thing to understand here is that PRIV will read the ID3 meta data of the ringtone and use that to show the file in the listing if ID3 data is present. If your ringtone does not have any ID3 data, the filename is shown instead in the listing.

For example, let’s say I copy two ringtones to my device, the first is ‘NEW_Ringtone1.mp3’, and it does not contain any ID3 data. The second is ‘NEW_Ringtone2.mp3’ and the ID3 ‘track’ field was set to ‘Ty’s ringtone’. When I complete the steps below, the first ringtone will appear as ‘NEW_Ringtone1’ whereas the second ringtone will show up as ‘Ty’s ringtone’.

  1. Go to Settings > Sound & notification > Phone Ringtone
  2. Tap on the various options to find your desired ringtone


Got a question? Leave a comment and let me know!

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