Five Tip Friday – PRIV Keyboard

FIVE TIP FRIDAY / 03.11.16 / tywill1

Today’s topic, five PRIV virtual and physical keyboard tips you’ll want to know about!

  1. Creating custom text shortcuts, aka word substitution
  2. Customizing keyboard vibration, sound, and key popup settings
  3. How to delete words using a gesture instead of the backspace key
  4. How to personalize messages by selecting and inserting Emojis
  5. How to see the physical keyboard layout when using different languages
  6. Bonus: Hands-free typing using voice dictation

For example, if I enter ‘homeaddress’ while composing an email or BBM, after I hit the space key, my device will replace ‘homeaddress’ with my address, i.e. 123 Fake St, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada A1B 2C3.#1 – Using word substitution, aka custom text shortcuts

You can create shortcuts for frequently used phrases or information so that when you type the shortcut, the phrase or info is inserted for you automatically.

To review preloaded shortcuts, or to create your own, complete the following steps:

Note: In order to use word substitution you must use the BlackBerry keyboard. If you are using a 3rd party keyboard, switch to the BlackBerry keyboard by going to Settings > Language & input, tapping Current Keyboard and selecting the BlackBerry Keyboard.

  1. Tap Settings > Language & input > BlackBerry Keyboard Settings
  2. Tap Prediction and correction > Word Substitution
  3. Complete one of the following:
    • Tap for all languages if you want to use the shortcut in every installed language
    • Tap on your current language, i.e. English (Canada) to use the shortcut in that language only
  4. Tap priv_plus and enter the following:
    • Shortcut: I.e. homeaddress
    • Target: I.e. 123 Fake St, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada A1B 2C3
    • Optionally check Always use this capitalization
  5. Tap priv_back to save your entry

To learn more about word substitution review the BlackBerry Keyboard user guide.

#2 – Virtual keyboard vibration, sound, and key popup

By default the virtual keyboard will vibrate whenever you are typing but you can turn this feature off.

Within the same menu as this setting there are two other virtual keyboard settings that you may want to consider turning on. The first is having a sound play each time you tap a key, and the second is “Key pop-up” which will show you the key you just tapped briefly so you can ensure you tapped the right key as per the screenshot.

priv_popupTo customize these options complete the following:

  1. Tap Settings > Language & input
  2. Tap BlackBerry Keyboard Settings > Key press feedback
  3. Complete any of the following;
    • Turn on, or off Vibrate
    • Turn on, or off Sound
    • Turn on, or off Key pop-up

#3 – Delete words by swiping

The next time you need to hit backspace, swipe your finger from right to left on the virtual or physical keyboard, instead, as this will delete a word, or a single character at a time if there is a preceding space.

To delete more than one word or character use two or three fingers and, if you are typing in a right-to-left language, swipe left to right instead.

#4 – How to insert Emojis
Inserting emojis so you can personalize messages couldn’t be easier using the steps below:

After doing this, tap the various emoji icons along the top to change the category and swipe left to see more. To insert the emoji simply tap on it 😀

When using the virtual keyboard, to return to the normal keyboard view tap priv_abc


#5 – Using multiple languages? Show the virtual keyboard when the slider is open

If you are using multiple languages this tip can help switch between keyboards with ease, with the added benefit of the virtual keyboard showing the character key mapping for the physical keyboard when typing in another language.

  1. Tap Settings > Language & input > Current keyboard
  2. Turn on the Hardware switch

To learn more about the various keyboard input methods and using multiple languages check out the BlackBerry Keyboard user guide.

Bonus: Hands-free typing using voice dictation

To type hands-free, instead of using the virtual or physical keyboard, complete the following:

When finished, tap priv_back on the bottom of your display to close voice dictation

Got a question? Leave a comment and let me know!

To learn about PRIV by BlackBerry or troubleshoot an issue, there are several great options available to help. Visit for access to product documentation, how-to demos, tips and tricks, YouTube videos, support forums, knowledge base articles, Twitter support, and contact information for your region.

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