How to set up Out of Office replies using PRIV

HOW-TO / 02.10.16 / tywill1

The next time you plan on being away from the office, whether it be on vacation or travelling for work, don’t forget to set up your Out of Office message using the steps below.

Go to the BlackBerry HubBefore we begin it’s important to know that your email provider may not support setting an Out of Office Message and some features such as the ability to send automatic replies between specific dates may also not be supported.

  1. Tap 3bar followed by Settings
  2. Tap on one of your email accounts
  3. Tap Automatic replies (Out of Office)
  4. Within Automatic Replies, select Send automatic replies
  5. Enter your Out of Office message in the Reply with: field
  6. Do any of the following:
    • Turn on Send to my contacts only to send the message to people in your Contacts list only.
    • To specify a start time and end time to send Out of Office replies, turn on the Send automatic replies between specific dates switch.
    • To send Out of Office replies outside your organization, turn on the Outside the Organization switch and enter a message in the Reply with: field
  7. Tap back arrow in the top left corner when finished


Don’t forget to turn off your Out of Office when you are back. To do this, repeat steps 1 through 4, and set Automatic replies to Do not send automatic replies.

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