How to use emoji predictions on PRIV

HOW-TO / 01.18.16 / tywill1

Did you know that the BlackBerry Keyboard can show emojis as predictions as well as words when using PRIV? This nifty little feature can help make your messages unique and personal by suggesting emojis instead of written text only which is the default setting.

To see what I mean, notice the pizza icon that is suggested since I typed ‘pizza’ 😀


Swipe down from the top of your display with two fingersAs mentioned, emoji predictions are turned off by default so you will need to turn this feature on using the steps below.

  1. Tap priv_ws_gear to access Settings
  2. Tap Language & input
    • Tip: This feature works in other languages too!
  3. Tap BlackBerry Keyboard Settings
  4. Tap Prediction and correction
  5. Turn on Predict Emojis

After turning on this feature, compose a new message and enter ‘happy’ emoji_happy, ‘sad’ emoji_sad, or ‘flower’ emoji_flower for example and the corresponding emoji, if available, will appear as a suggestion. To insert the emoji, tap on it, or swipe up on it using one finger – easy peasy!

Best of all, just like how the keyboard learns your commonly used words, phrases and expressions, it will also learn your favorite emojis, predicting them more frequently the more that you use them. emoji_happy

Got a question about this feature? Leave a comment and let me know!

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