How to take a screenshot using PRIV

PRIV / 12.10.15 / gbzorek

priv_screenshotTaking a screenshot of your device using PRIV couldn’t be easier.

Once you have your screenshot, open it by swiping down from the top of your screen using one finger, followed by tapping on the Screenshot captured notification.All you need to do is hold the Power key and the Volume down key for 2 to 3 seconds at which point a screenshot of your device will be captured. You can tell a screenshot has been taken due to the animation that appears and your device will play an audible notification.

While viewing the screenshot you can share it using your favorite communication method such as email or to an app such as Snapseed by Google™, or your favorite image editing app so you can customize the image as needed.

To view previously captured screenshots, open the Photos app by tapping dtek_3bar, followed by Device folders and previously captured screenshots will appear within Screenshots.

You can also navigate using a file browser to PicturesScreenshots in your device memory to view previously captured screen shots.

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