How to send and receive money on BBM using PayPal

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Thanks to BBM® and PayPal teaming up, BBM is now one of the best ways to simply and easily send and receive funds in supported regions1. Available on iOS, Android™ and BlackBerry® 10, this convenient new feature allows you to send and receive money from friends within a BBM conversation.

To get started, click on the PayPal “Send Money” icon in the attachment menu. The first time you use this feature, you will be prompted to link your PayPal account with your BBM account.

The on-screen instructions will tell you exactly what to do, and future transfers will not require authentication. If at any point you change your mind about allowing transfers, just log into PayPal and change your security settings.

If the contact you’ve selected to receive funds hasn’t linked their PayPal account with their BBM account, BBM will send a prompt asking them to do so.

Once the contact you’re chatting with has linked their PayPal account with BBM, you can enter the amount, review the details, add a message and hit send. This recipient will get a confirmation with your message, the transfer amount and a prompt to check their PayPal account for details.

BBM has always been the best way to connect and share messages, photos and more with speed, control and privacy. Now it’s even better that users will have the ability to send and receive money to friends, family and other contacts.

Like visuals? Watch the video to help you get started:

VIDEO: How to Send Money with PayPal over BBM

1 Supported countries as of publishing in November of 2015 include: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and South Africa.

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